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Wave / wind CFOSAT products

Types of dataset: Wave products from SWIM (Surface Waves Investigation and Monitoring) instrument and wind products from SCAT scatterometer on CFOSAT mission.
- SWIM products include standard wind and wave parameters from nadir looking altimeters (significant wave height, wind speed) and spectral wave parameters from the off-nadir beams of the SWIM instrument (wave spectra and their main parameters wave height, dominant direction, dominant wavelength over the wavelength range [70-500] m). In addition the Normalized Radar cross-section ( NRCS ) is provided with a diversity of incidence and azimuth angles. Several levels of products are delivered: Levels 1A, 1B and 2 (L1A/L1B/L2) give the instrumental parameters including the complete list of all variables measured by the SWIM instrument and Level 2 Plus (L2P) is a simplified product containing the SWIM 1Hz SWH Nadir variable cross-calibrated with Jason -3 and buoys giving metrics comparable to other missions. They are provided to allow easy use in many different applications.
- SCAT products include the wind vector and the Normalized Radar Cross-section.
- Meteorological variables sampled at the location of SWIM acquisitions are distributed in dedicated files.
Use: marine meteorology, wave and weather forecast, ocean surface, climate.
Condition of access: The use of CFOSAT wave / wind product is described in the licence agreement 
Description: Monomission satellite product. 
Geographic coverage: Global
Format: NetCDF-CF

  • The SWIM product simplified handbook document describes the mains parameters for a first use of the SWIM L1A/L1B/L2 data. Associated Jupyter notebook and python scripts are available for download here.
  • The SWIM Product User Guide document gives the detailed description of SWIM L1A/L1B/L2 product variables.
  • The SWIM L2P SWH 1Hz nadir product handbook document gives the detailed description  of the SWIM L2P SWH 1Hz Nadir product variables.
  • The SWIM Calval Report document provides users with a summary of the CAL/VAL work carried out until summer 2019 on the instrument and the products. It gives the performance and the limitations of the SWIM products made available at the date of 19 February 2020 (including data from July 2019). Work is still on progress to improve the inverted wave product from SWIM. A new version of the processor should be implemented by May 2020.
  • The SWIM product main anomalies document lists the anomalies in the current version.
  • The SCAT product specification document contains the list of SCAT L1B/L2A/ NRT product variables.

Localisation of Measurements:
Download the user manual with the Google Earth CFOSAT file and the txt file giving the UTC starting dates of each cycle. The combined use of these two files allows the computation of CFOSAT passes over dates and times, within five to ten minutes’ precision, which should be sufficient for product selection or for campaign preparation.

Recommendations to CFOSAT users on publication policy:

The first scientific publications on CFOSAT data will be authored by members who participated to the verification and CAL/VAL phase since the satellite launch. Two papers, one on SWIM and one on SCAT are currently under review for publication in IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (February 2020). 

It is recommended that all further publications based on CFOSAT data cite one of these first two publications (depending on whether they deal with SCAT or SWIM). The publications co-authored by several members and groups of the Joint Science Team is firmly encouraged.

All the publications and communications based on CFOSAT data have to be forwarded to CNSA and CNES (send to who will transmit) and they all have to acknowledge CNSA and CNES as having ownership of the CFOSAT science products. The acknowledgement sentence is: “All CFOSAT data are provided by courtesy of CNSA and CNES [under science proposals XXX. (XXX=proposal id)]."

References: refer to the CFOSAT links and references
Copyright : 2019-ongoing CNSA/CNES/CLS


ProductDistribution mediaDelivery delayData periodData usedFile weight
SWIM L1AThe Archive is distributed via the catalogue Aviso+ Cnes Data Center (dedicated credentials are necessary, please register online)4 days maxJul 29 2019
one orbit per file<2.6 Go per file
SWIM L1BAvailable via FTP on you personal space: MY AVISO+4 hours<800 Mo per file
SWIM L2<40 Mo per file
SWIM L2P SWH 1Hz Nadir<150 Ko per file


ProductDistribution mediaDelivery delayData periodData usedFile weight
SCAT L1BThe Archive is distributed via the catalogue Aviso+ Cnes Data Center (dedicated credentials are necessary, please register online)-Oct 10 2019
Dec 29 2019
one orbit per file<1 Go per file
SCAT L2A<35 Mo per file
SCAT NRT <4 Mo per file


ProductDistribution mediaContentDelivery delayData periodData usedFile weight
SWIM along-track AUX_METEOThe Archive is distributed via the catalogue Aviso+ Cnes Data Center (dedicated credentials are necessary, please register online)Contains some meteorological variables sampled at the location of SWIM acquisitions4 days maxNov 3 2018
one pass per file<1.5 Mo per file
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