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2015 Images of the Month

Dec. 2015: Multi-year penguin tracking
Royal penguins paths are linked to the large-scale circulation variations around Antarctica.
Nov. 2015: Saral measures gaps in sea ice
Saral/AltiKa helps to monitor and measure sea ice coverage which influences global warming through insulation of ocean from atmosphere.
Oct. 2015: A future insight to English Channel
Swot, with its large-swath, will be able to reproduce the most of extreme storm surges in the English Channel
Jul. 2015: El Niño's return, West side story
An El Niño is developing. It should stay till 2016 with a moderate to strong intensity. Western Pacific SLAs are close to 1997.
Jun. 2015: Current intruding on the continental shelf
In the Mediterranean Sea, you're never far from a coast. Dedicated research datasets enable to get closer to the coasts.
May 2015: Better gravity with drifting orbits
Altimetry, especially drifting satellites (Jason-1, Cryosat) enable to measure the seafloor gravity
Apr. 2015: Through Indonesia
Indonesia is a key area for the global ocean circulation, with vital interest in satellite ocean monitoring.
Mar. 2015: High tides at Mont Saint-Michel
Feb. 2015: Small fishes in a big ocean
The MYCTO campaign, East of Kerguelen Islands shows that the physical environment has a role in the distribution of small fishes, food for penguins.
Jan. 2015: El Niño played hide and seek in 2014
Altimetry combined with others techniques enables to reconstruct the whole ocean in 3 dimensions.
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