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SSHA - Sea Surface Height Anomalies

Types of dataset: Monomission altimeter product.

Contents: along-track Sea Surface Height with respect to a Mean Sea Surface height above reference ellipsoid (CLS01 MSS for Jason-2 and CNES-CLS11 MSS for Saral) and averaged over 1 second. All instrumental, geophysical and environmental corrections are included for near-real and delayed-time products.

Use: from operational oceanography and marine meteorology (real time products) to the study of ocean variability.

Description: mono altimeter satellite products available in near-real time and in delayed time. SSHA from OSTM / Jason-2 and from Saral are divided into three families, distinguished by increasing latency and accuracy, going from the near-real time data (OGDR-SSHA) to the delayed-time data (IGDR-SSHA, GDR-SSHA).

Geographic coverage: global

Format: NetCDF. All three products have the same format.



Description: The OGDR-SSHA is a near-real time operational product. The OGDR is the faster product delivered to the users. Jason-2 data are processed by the operational agencies partners, Noaa and Eumetsat. Note that this is a non-validated product that uses orbits computed by the on-board Doris Navigator (DIODE) and that it does not contain all the environmental/geophysical corrections. The file structure are not with pole to pole passes but with variable segments.

Copyright : 2008- ongoing Eumetsat - Noaa for Jason-2 data, 2013-ongoing Isro/Eumetsat for Saral/AltiKa data

Note: the official dissemination of SARAL OGDR products is under the responsibilty of EUMETSAT and ISRO. CNES declines any responsability in case of products latency or gaps happening on the ftp server.

SatelliteDistribution FrequencyData periodFile weight
SaralFTP available on MY AVISO+ (see GDR / IGDR (Geophysical Data Records))3-5 hoursJune 2013- ongoing300 KB per file (zipped)
Jason-2please contact Eumetsat or Noaa3-5 hours Dec. 2008- ongoingvariable segment 

OGDR-SSHA Value-added

Description: The OGDR-SSHA value-added is a near-real time operational product.  The major difference between these data and the Operational Geophysical Data Record (OGDR) data produced by the project is that the orbits have been improved. You will find complete information on JPL website for Saral/AltiKa and Jason-2.

Copyright : 2013-ongoing JPL/Nasa for Saral/AltiKa data and 2009-ongoing JPL/Nasa for Jason-2 data.

SatelliteDistribution FrequencyData periodFile weight
Saralsee JPL site7-9 hoursJune 2013- ongoing500 KB per file (zipped)
Jason-2 see JPL site5 hoursMay 2009-ongoing550 KB per file (zipped)


Description: Jason-2: The IGDR-SSHA is a delayed time dataset produced within 2-3 calendar days. They are produced solely by Cnes and are available to users from Aviso and Noaa.

Saral: The IGDR-SSHA is a delayed time dataset produced within 1-2 days. They are produced solely by Cnes.

These data are not fully validated (elementary and automatic controls only) and are derived from Doris data with the processing of a preliminary orbit. The environmental and geophysical corrections (preliminary for some of them) are included. The file structure is pole to pole passes.

Copyright: 2008- ongoing Cnes for Jason-2 and 2013-ongoing Cnes for Saral data, 2016-ongoing for Jason-3

SatelliteDistribution FrequencyData periodFile weight
Jason-3FTP available on MY AVISO+ (see GDR / IGDR (Geophysical Data Records))1-2 dayslast month online180 Kb
Saral1-2 dayslast month online140 Kb
Jason-22 days last month online150 Kb

See also IGDR products available on the catalogue (through menu DATA)


Description: The GDR-SSHA is a delayed-time dataset produced within 60 days. They are produced solely by Cnes and are available to users from Aviso and Noaa. These data are fully validated and are derived from Doris, GPS and laser data Precise Orbit Determination. All the environmental and geophysical precise corrections are included. The file structure is pole to pole passes.

Copyright: 2008-ongoing Cnes

SatelliteDistribution FrequencyData periodFile weight
Jason-3FTP available on MY AVISO+ (see GDR / IGDR (Geophysical Data Records))60 daysFeb. 2016 - ongoing180 KB
Saral35 daysMarch 2013- on going135 KB
Jason-130 daysJanuary 2002 - on going150 KB
Jason-260 days July 2008 - on going250 KB

See also GDR products available on the catalogue (through menu DATA)

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