Map of sea level trend for the Jan. 1993 - Jun. 2014 period over the Mediterranean Sea

Sea level trend (mm/year) in the Mediterranean for January 1993 to June 2014.

Map of regional patterns of observed sea level (in mm/year). This map can be obtained using gridded, multi-mission Ssalto/Duacs data since 1993, which enable the local slopes to be estimated with a very high resolution (1/3 of a degree on a Mercator projection). Isolated variations in MSL are thus revealed, mainly in the major ocean currents. see

The sea level in the Eastern Mediterranean basin has risen significantly in recent years, apparently due to warmer water temperatures (observed by in-situ measurements). But if we look at the Ionian Sea off the tip of Italy, data acquired by altimetry show that sea level in fact fell.


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