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Jason-2 science investigations (2008)

Authors Laboratories Proposals Topics
Ole B. Andersen Danish National Space Center (DNSC) Satellite Altimetry for coastal and inland water Hydrology
Sabine Arnault Locean-IRD ARAMIS (Altimétrie sur un Rail Atlantique et Mesures In Situ) : a Tropical Atlantic Dynamics Investigation Modeling and data assimilation
Matthias Becker Institut für Physikalische Geodäsie (IPG), Technische Universität Darmstadt Germany Spatial and Temporal Resolution Limits for Regional Mass Transport and Mass Distribution (STREMP-OST) Regional and coastal studies
Juan José Martinez Benjamin Technical University of Catalonia Implementation of Ibiza and l'Estartit Cal/Val Spanish Sites for Jason-2/OSTM and Jason-1. Calibration-Validation
William Bertiger Jet Propulsion Laboratory Precision Orbit Determination To Support Altimetry POD
Rory J. Bingham Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Using altimetry to understand the ocean's response to a changing climate Climate
Charon Birkett University of Maryland The Application of Multiple Satellite Radar Altimetry Data Sets to Inland Surface Water Projects Hydrology
Florence Birol Legos Regional CALVAL and altimetry activities at the Centre de Topographie des Océans et de l'Hydrosphère (CTOH) Calibration-Validation
Frédérique Blanc Collecte Localisation Satellite (CLS) Altimetry data serving and interoperability: requirements, implementation, control, education, use Outreach
Pascal Bonnefond OCA-GeoAzur From Ocean to inland waters Altimetry Monitoring Calibration-Validation
Wolfgang Bosch Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut (DGFI) Global Multi-Mission Calibration of Contemporaneous Altimeter Systems (MuMiCCAM) Calibration-Validation
Shannon Brown Jet Propulsion Laboratory Error Characterization and Intercalibration of the Wet Path Delay Measurements from the Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and OSTM Microwave Radiometers Corrections
Philip Callahan Jet Propulsion Laboratory Hurricane Studies with Altimeter Data Atmosphere, Wind, Waves
Anny Cazenave Legos Present-day sea level variability and trends at global and regional scales : do we understand what we measure? Sea level rise
B. Chapron Ifremer OCEAN3D and mesoscale/sub-mesocale dynamics Regional and coastal studies
Dudley Chelton Oregon State University An Investigation of Global Mesoscale Variability Large scale circulation and variability
Jean-François Crétaux Legos Altimetry applied to lakes and rivers study Hydrology
William Emery University of Colorado New Method for Mapping Mesoscale Circulation over the Shelf: Retracking Altimetric Waveforms to Conform to Geostrophic Currents Inferred from Satellite Imagery Regional and coastal studies
Isabelle Dadou,Véronique Garçon Legos Biological effets of westward-propagating features in the ocean Biology
Pierre De Mey Legos Multisensor Impact assessment in Coastal and Shelf Seas (MICSS) Regional and coastal studies
Eric Dombrowsky Mercator Océan MERCATOR, global operational ocean monitoring and forecasting Modeling and data assimilation
Laurence Eymard Locean Improvement of the wet tropospheric correction for altimetry missions Corrections
Joana Fernandes Universidade do Porto Coastal Altimetry - Improvement of the wet TROpospheric correction (CALITRO) Regional and coastal studies
Lionel Gourdeau, Christophe Maes Legos A sea level analysis of fine oceanic structures generated by the complex topography in the SouthWest Pacific Ocean Geophysics
David A Griffin CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Altimetry for Real Time Applications and Climate Studies relevant to Australia Climate
Bruce Haines Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology The Harvest Experiment: Calibration of the Emerging Climate Record from TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1 and OSTM Calibration-Validation
Weiqing Han The University of Colorado Interannual Variability And Decadal Change Of Thermocline Depth And Upper-Ocean Heat Content In The Indian Ocean Large scale circulation and variability
Jacob Lorentsen Hoeyer Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Operational satellite altimetry in shelf and coastal seas Regional and coastal studies
Kaoru ICHIKAWA Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University Variations of flow fields in the western North Pacific and surrounding marginal seas Regional and coastal studies
Peter A.E.M. Janssen ECMWF Global Validation and Assimilation of Jason-2 Wind and Wave Products Atmosphere, Wind, Waves
Steven Jayne Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Global Upper Ocean Velocity Large scale circulation and variability
Kathryn Kelly University of Washington Assessing Meridional Transports in the North Atlantic Ocean Large scale circulation and variability
Per Knudsen Danish National Space Center (DNSC) High Resolution Mean Ocean Topography. Regional and coastal studies
Gary Lagerloef Earth & Space Research Studies Of Upper Ocean Dynamics Related To The Pacific Decadal Oscillation Using Satellite Altimeter Data And Derived Velocity Fields Large scale circulation and variability
Gilles Larnicol Collecte Localisation Satellite (CLS) High resolution altimetry and global ocean observed products for ocean circulation studies Large scale circulation and variability
Alban Lazar Locean-IPSL Kelvin waves and eddies in the tropical off-equatorial basins: Morphology, forcing and interactions Large scale circulation and variability
Robert Leben University Of Colorado Operational Ocean Circulation Monitoring for the Study of Mesoscale Dynamics Regional and coastal studies
J.M. Lefevre CNRM-Météo-France Assessment of operational wind/wave prediction model performances in severe conditions Atmosphere, Wind, Waves
Benoît Legresy Legos Global LAnd and Cryosphere of the Earth Surface (OSTST-GLACES) Ice
Frank Lemoine NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Calibration and Validation of the Precise Orbits for OSTM-Extending the TOPEX, Jason-1 Calibration-Validation
Nikolai Maximenko IPRC/SOEST University of Hawaii Dynamics Of Anisotropic Mean And Time-Varying Structures Of Ocean Circulation Large scale circulation and variability
Stelios P. Mertikas Technical University of Crete, Greece Gavdos-Crete Cal-Val for Jason satellites: "Monitoring, Calibration and Validation for Jason1 and Jason-2/OSTM satellite altimeter measurements, and absolute sea-level determination by the permanent satellite facility on the island of Gavdos and Crete, Greece." Calibration-Validation
Laury Miller NOAA Lab for Satellite Altimetry Sea Level Rise from Satellite Altimetry Sea Level Rise
Nelly Mognard-Campbell Legos Wide swath altimetry for high resolution oceanography and hydrology: the WATER HM mission Hydrology
Rosemary Morrow Legos Eddy transports, diffusion and mixing in the Southern Ocean Regional and coastal studies
Marc Naeije Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) Global and regional altimetry and gravimetry CAL/VAL investigations at DEOS Calibration-Validation
Robert Nerem University of Colorado Building and Understanding a Climate Data Record of Sea Level Change Sea Level Rise
Young-Hyang Park Locean TRACK (Transport across the Kerguelen Plateau): Monitoring of the ACC transport through the Fawn Trough Large scale circulation and variability
Ananda Pascual Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats, IMEDEA(CSIC-UIB) Improvement, validation and merging of altimeter products for coastal and regional applications Regional and coastal studies
Erricos Pavlis University of Maryland, Baltimore County Eastern Mediterranean Altimeter Calibration Network - e-MACnet (Continuation of DynMSLaC & GAVDOS) Calibration-Validation
Thierry Penduff Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels (LEGI) Enhancing synergies between satellite, in-situ, and numerical oceanography. Modeling and data assimilation
Rui Ponte Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. Studies Of The Large-Scale Ocean Variability Using Satellite Altimetry Large scale circulation and variability
Christine Provost Locean Towards monitoring the Antarctic circumpolar current at Drake passage Regional and coastal studies
Bo Qiu University of Hawaii at Manoa Investigating Midlatitude Ocean and Climate Dynamics using Satellite Altimetry and Modeling Analysis Large scale circulation and variability
Graham Quartly National Oceanography Centre, Southampton TRIDENT II : NOC's contribution to improving altimetry through cal/val, algorithm development and oceanographic analyses Calibration-Validation
Y. Quilfen Ifremer Extreme events observation and characterization using satellite microwave sensors Atmosphere, Wind, Waves
Marie Hélène Radenac Legos ChLOrophyll, Westerly winds and el Niño (CLOWN) Biology
Richard Ray NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Altimetric Studies of Ocean Surface Tides and Internal Tides Tides
Peter Rhines University of Washington Pathways of Meridional Circulation in the Ocean Climate System Large scale circulation and variability
Laurent Roblou Legos MARgin INtegrated Approach (MARINA) On monitoring the dynamics of the coastal ocean through an integrated approach using in situ measurement, improved high-resolution altimetry and ocean modelling Regional and coastal studies
Vinca Rosmorduc CLS Expanding altimetry outreach Outreach
Jens Schröter Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar- and Marine Research Sea Surface Topography and Mass Transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (Acronym: GEOTOP) Large scale circulation and variability
Y. Tony Song Jet Propulsion Laboratory Strait and Inter-Ocean Transport Estimation Using Altimetry SSH and Gravimetry OBP Large scale circulation and variability
Paul Strub Oregon State University Interactions Between Coastal and Offshore Circulation Regional and coastal studies
Rémi Tailleux University of Reading Theory of the free and forced planetary wave response in presence of mean flow and variable topography in a continuously stratified ocean: toward a physically-based quantitative interpretation of satellite altimeter SSH and microwave SST data Large scale circulation and variability
Laurent Testut Legos Long Term Trend Components in Sea Level from Tide Gauge and Satellite Altimetry Records Sea level rise
Douglas Vandemark University of New Hampshire Altimetry and operational wind-wave prediction - combined use to enhance both systems Atmosphere, Wind, Waves
Jacques Verron Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels (LEGI) Advanced Altimeter Data Assimilation for Physical Ocean Prediction and Ecosystem Monitoring Modeling and data assimilation
Isabel Vigo Universidad de Alicante Geostrophy and sea-level variations in the Mediterranean Sea based on space gravity and altimetry data Regional and coastal studies and Sea Level Rise
John Wilkin Rutgers University Improving coastal circulation analysis and prediction through refined altimeter data processing and variational data assimilation into a regional ocean model Regional and coastal studies
Carl Wunsch MIT Applications of Satellite Altimetry, Gravity, Winds and In Situ Data to Problems of the Ocean Circulation Large scale circulation and variability
H. Yahia Inria HIRESUBCOLOR : Multiscale methods for the evaluation of high resolution ocean surface velocities and subsurface dynamics from ocean color, SST and altimetry. Large scale circulation and variability
Ouan-Zan Zanife Collecte Localisation Satellite (CLS) Improved Altimetric Parameters Estimations Corrections
Victor Zlotnicki California Institute of Technology Altimeter Data And ECCO2 Ocean State Estimates Used To Study The Variability Of Antarctic Circumpolar Current Fronts And The Formation Of Antarctic Intermediate Water Large scale circulation and variability
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