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GDR (Geophysical Data Records)

Contents: along-track altimetric measurements averaged over 1 second, corrections to apply in delayed time (GDR), near-real time (IGDR) or real-time (OGDR)
Use: geophysical studies, operational oceanography (near-real time)
Description : for Topex/Poseidon (M-GDR), data are homogeneous between Topex and Poseidon-1 altimeters
Check monomossion processing last updates.
Geographic coverage Global

Copyright : 1992-2005 Cnes and Nasa for T/P (I)GDR data, 2002-ongoing Cnes and Nasa for Jason-1, 2002-2012 Esa for Envisat data, 2008-ongoing Cnes for Jason-2 data, 2013-ongoing Cnes for IGDR Saral/AltiKa data and Isro/Eumetsat for OGDR Saral/AltiKa data
Condition of use: please refer to the Licence Agreement

We inform all the users that the ftp dissemination of the Geophysical Data Records (S/I/GDRs for Jason-1, Jason-2, Jason-3, Saral  and OGDRs for Saral) products has been transferred to the authenticated AVISO+ ftp portal  ( where the whole historical data has been moved too.

Note that the deliveries on the Online Data Extraction Service (ODES) and the AVISO+ Cnes Data Center remain unchanged.

AVISO+ registration:
If you are not registered, we invite you to fill the form on the AVISO+ web portal to get your credentials as soon as possible. You can consult our FAQ for any information about the registration.
If you are already registered but you haven't these products in your list, we invite you to ask for a new product: you can consult our FAQ for any information.

GDR (delayed-time): Geophysical Data Record

Copyright : 2013-ongoing Cnes for IGDR Saral/AltiKa data , 2008-ongoing Cnes for Jason-2 data, 2002-ongoing Cnes and Nasa for Jason-1, 2002-2012 Esa for Envisat data, 1992-2005 Cnes and Nasa for T/P GDR data, 2016-ongoing CNES for Jason-3

SatelliteDistribution mediaFrequencyDelivery delayData periodData usedFile weight
Jason-3FTP, please refer to your dedicated



every 10 days2 monthsFeb.2016-ongoingOne pass per file (zipped)4 MB
Saralevery 35 days2 monthsMar 2013-ongoing5.5 MB 
Jason-2every 10 days2 monthsJun 2008 - ongoing5 MB
Jason-1every 10 days-Jan 2002 - Jun 20131.3 MB 
Envisatplease contact EOHelp (ESA)--Apr 2003 - Oct 2010--
T/Prequest via Catalogue--Oct 1992 - Oct 2005One pass per file0.7 MB 

See also GDR products available on the catalogue (through menu DATA) 

See also Wind / Wave products available on the Catalogue

IGDR (near-real time) : Interim Geophysical data record

SatelliteDistribution mediaFrequencyDelivery delayData periodData usedFile weight
Jason-3FTP, please refer to
 your dedicated 


every day1 to 2 dayslast month onlineOne pass per file4 MB per pass file (zipped)
Saralevery day1 to 2 dayslast month onlineOne pass per file6 MB per pass file (zipped)
Jason-3every day1 to 2 dayslast month onlineOne pass per file3 MB per pass file

See also IGDR products available on the catalogue (through menu DATA)

OGDR (real time) : Operational Geophysical data record

Satellite Distribution media Frequency Delivery delay Data period Data used File weight
Saral FTP, please refer to
 your dedicated
several times per day 3 to 5 hours per day last month online One pass per file 10-11 MB per file (zipped)

See also OGDR products available on the catalogue (through menu DATA)

Note: the official dissemination of SARAL OGDR products is under the responsibilty of EUMETSAT and ISRO. CNES declines any responsability in case of products latency or gaps happening on the ftp server.

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