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05.10.2018 09:07 Age: 5 yrs

22 September - 5 October 2018 Weeks

Category: Press Review



<link https: environment ng-interactive oct the-new-normal-how-climate-change-is-making-droughts-worse>The new normal? How climate change is making droughts worse (The Guardian, 03/10/2018)

<link https: pub_releases nsfc-ilf100318.php>ICESat-2 laser fires for first time, measures Antarctic height (EurekAlert!, 03/10/2018)

<link https: super-typhoon-kong-rey-hurricane-walaka-pacific-2440df9c-c731-4bb9-b4bb-7abd918a5cea.html>A rare combination of Category 5 storms in the Pacific (Axios, 02/10/2018)

<link https: world oct what-caused-palu-indonesia-tsunami-and-could-lives-have-been-saved>What caused the Indonesia tsunami and could lives have been saved? (The Guardian, 02/10/2018)

<link https: world oct terrawatch-why-did-the-quake-in-sulawesi-cause-palu-tsunami>Terrawatch: why did the quake in Sulawesi cause a tsunami? (The Guardian, 02/10/2018)

<link https: southern-ocean-changes-tied-to-greenhouse-gases-ozone-2721fda1-0fa1-40c8-892f-724fa1c9f85f.html>Scientists solve a Southern Ocean climate change mystery (Axios, 28/09/2018)

<link https: science what-pushed-2017s-atlantic-hurricane-season-into-overdrive>What pushed 2017’s Atlantic hurricane season into overdrive? (Ars Technica, 28/09/2018)

<link https: environment climate-consensus-97-per-cent sep new-research-shows-the-worlds-ice-is-doing-something-not-seen-before>New research shows the world’s ice is doing something not seen before (The Guardian, 26/09/2018)

<link https: releases>How reliable are turtles for measuring ocean trash and marine health? (Science Daily, 26/09/2018)

<link https: mach science vast-wall-antarctica-could-slow-rising-seas-some-scientists-are-ncna913456>A vast wall in Antarctica could slow rising seas, but some scientists are wary of the idea (NBC news, 26/09/2018)

<link http: tech-and-science science european-space-agency-shining-the-spotlight-on-sea-level-rise article>European Space Agency shining the spotlight on sea-level rise (Digital Journal, 25/09/2018)

<link https: news>Liquid climate archives: A study on tide levels in the straits (, 25/09/2018)

<link http: earth earth-from-space---sao-miguel-azores.html>Earth from Space - São Miguel, Azores (Spaceref, 21/09/2018)


<link https: topnews au-bangladesh-les-eaux-avancent-les-hommes-reculent.html>Au Bangladesh, les eaux avancent, les hommes reculent (L'Obs, 04/10/2018)

<link https: espace le-portugal-se-dote-d-une-base-spatiale-aux-acores_128147>Le Portugal se dote d'une base spatiale aux Açores (Sciences & avenir, 02/10/2018)

<link https: dessin rechauffement-climatique-comment-garder-la-tete-hors-de-leau>Réchauffement climatique. Comment garder la tête hors de l’eau ? (Courrier International, 02/10/2018)

<link https: nature-environnement expeditions les-cotes-arctiques-franchies-par-la-marine-francaise_128141>Les côtes arctiques franchies pour la première fois par la Marine française (Sciences & avenir, 02/10/2018)

<link https: nature-environnement climat-le-giec-livre-son-diagnostic_128101>Climat : limiter la hausse des températures à 1,5°C, est-ce possible ? (Sciences & avenir, 01/10/2018)

<link https: planete portfolio>Le Japon balayé par le typhon Trami et ses rafales à 216 km/h (Le Monde, 30/09/2018)

<link https: actualite monde australie-une-celebre-plage-avalee-par-la-mer_2037081.html>Australie: une célèbre plage avalée par la mer (L'Express, 26/09/2018)

<link https: nature-environnement cent-jours-sans-gel-au-pic-du-midi-un-nouveau-record-historique_127848>Cent jours sans gel au Pic du Midi: un nouveau record historique (Sciences & avenir, 22/09/2018)


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