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OSTST 2006 (Venice, Italy)

Here are some posters made for the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team 2006 meeting.


The Minutes of OST/ST 2006 are available (pdf, 10.6 MB)


Local and Global Calibration/Validation

M. Ablain et al.Ssalto CalVal Performance Assessment Jason-1 GDR "a"/GDR "b" pdf (2.8 MB)
P. Bonnefond et al.Absolute Calibration of Jason-1 and TOPEX/Poseidon Altimeters in Corsicapdf (17 MB)
S. Brown et al.Status of the JMR/TMR Recalibration Effort: Algorithm Improvements and the Optimal Calibration Systempdf (1.1 MB)
S. Desai et al.Validation of Jason and Topex Microwave Radiometer Wet Path Delay Measurements using GPS, SSM/I, and TMIpdf (1.2 MB)
Y. Faugère et al.Jason-1 / Envisat Cross-calibrationpdf (1.45 MB)
J. Lillibridge et al.An Automated Near Real-Time Quality Assessment System for Jason-2/OSTMpdf (1.4 MB)
P. Limpach et al.Offshore GPS buoy measurements and comparison with JASON-1 radar altimeter datapdf (4.5 MB)
M. Martinez-Garcia et al.Contribution to the Jason-1 altimeter calibration of mapping the marine geoid at Begur Cape with the support of the continuous GPS monitored tide gauge at l’Estartitpdf (1.4 MB)
E. Obligis et al.Geographical analysis of systematic errors in the wet tropospheric correctionpdf (61 MB)
E. C. Pavlis and The Gavdos Team Eastern Mediterranean Dynamics and Jason-1 Altimeter Calibration Results from the Gavdos Projectpdf (140 KB)
Pierre QueffeulouAltimeter wave height validation: an updatepdf (122 KB)
N. Tran and E. ObligisAssessment of recalibrated Jason-1 microwave radiometer measurements and productspdf (5.1 MB)

Sea-State Bias and Re-tracking Analysis

H. Feng et al.Use of fuzzy logic clustering analysis to address wave impacts on altimeter sea level measurements: Part I data classificationpdf (384 KB)
P. Thibaut et al.Evaluation of the Jason-1 ground retracking algorithmpdf (5 MB)
N. Tran et al.New models for satellite altimeter sea state bias correction developed using global wave model datapdf (1.1 MB)
D. Vandemark et al.Use of fuzzy logic clustering analysis to address wave impacts on altimeter sea level measurements: Part II results statuspdf (317 KB)
O.-Z. Zanifé et al.Assesment of the Jason-1 Look Up Tables Using Multiple Gaussian Retrackingpdf (750 KB)

Precise Orbit Determination and Geoid

Z. AltaminiITRF 2005 statuspdf (4.3 MB)
P. Bonnefond et al.Validation Activities for Jason-1 and Topex/Poseidon Precise Orbitspdf (4.4 MB)
Scott Luthcke et al.Improvement of the Complete TP and Jason Orbit Time Series: Current Statuspdf (4.8 MB)
J. Ries and D. ChambersGrace mission status and latest resultspdf (1.6 MB)
P. Schaeffer et al.Using altimetry and oceanographic in situ measurements for geoid’s models assessmentpdf (31 MB)

Tides and High-Frequency Aliases

R. Savcenko and W. BoschShallow-water tides on the Patagonian shelf from multi-mission altimetrypdf (2.2 MB)
E. Zaron et al.Modeling studies of internal tide generation at the Hawaiian Ridge: Comparison to inferences from altimetrypdf (1.65 MB)

Multi-Satellite/Operational Applications

W. BoschGlobal multi-mission crossover analysispdf (4 MB)
G. Dibarboure and N. PicotSslato/Duacs: A consistent data set built upon all altimeterspdf (6 MB)
J. TournadreImproved level-3 product from dual frequency altimeter systemspdf (300 KB)


OST/STOutreach products showcasepdf (420 KB)
P.T. StrubOutreach at CIOSS – The Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite Studiespdf (2.1 MB)

Consistency in Jason and Topex/Poseidon performance

S. Philipps et al.Ssalto CalVal Consistency Assesment between Jason-1 and Topexpdf (4.2 MB)


E. Cosme et al.Some recent advances in ocean data assimilation with the SEEK filterpdf (1.43 MB)
C. Desportes et al.The wet tropospheric correction for altimetry in coastal and inland water regionspdf (1 MB)
Per Knudsen et al.Optimal filtering of mean dynamic topography models obtained using GRACE geoid modelspdf (266 KB)
Per KnudsenThe GOCINA Mean Dynamic Topography Models and Impact on Ocean Circulation Modellingpdf (3.4 MB)
C. Maes and D. BehringerThe contribution of the salinity field in sea level variability of the equatorial Pacific Ocean: an overview of resultspdf (302 KB)
F. Marin et al.Temporal and spatial variability of the Tropical Instability Waves: an interbasin comparison from satellite altimeter and SST datapdf (1.75 MB)
T. Penduff et al. Hybridizing satellite products and reanalyzed atmospheric fields for the forcing of long-term ocean/sea-ice DRAKKAR simulationspdf (1.6 MB)
R. Ponte et al.Spatial mapping of time-variable errors in Jason-1 and TOPEX/POSEIDON surface topography measurementspdf (0.9 MB)
M.-H. Radenac et al.MUSICAL (MUlti-Sensors Information: ocean Color and ALtimetry)pdf (1.1 MB)
I. Vigo et al.Understanding Mediterranean and Black Sea Level Variations, 1992-2004pdf (216 KB)
M. WenzelL and J. SchroeterGlobal ocean heat content variations derived from satellite altimetry and hydrographic datapdf (1.1 MB)
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