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OSTST 2011 Posters

Here are some posters made for the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team 2011 meeting.

Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record

M. Ablain et al.Cross-comparisons of Sea Surface Height derived feom In-Situ and Altimeter measurementspdf (427 KB)
 B. Beckley et al.Assessment of Current Global and Regional mean Sea Level estimates Based on the TOPEX/POSEIDON JASON-1&2 Climate Data Recordpdf (1.9 MB)
 M. Cancet et al.Regional CALVAL method in Corsica: Calibration of the Jason-2 and Envisat missions on non-dedicated sitespdf (616.8 KB)
L. Carrere et al.Improving the dynamic atmospheric correction for mean sea level and operational applications of atimetrypdf (250 KB)
G. Larnicol et al.The Sea Level Climate Change Initiative ESA Projectpdf (3.5 MB)
J.J. Martinez-Benjamin et al.

Geodetic Infrastructure in the Barcelona and l’Estartit harbours for Sea Level Monitoring

pdf (285 KB)
F. Mertz et al.ERS-2: an essential mission for oceanographypdf (2.5 MB)
M. Naeije et al.Review of Cryosat-2 POD and LRM CAL/VAL resultspdf (1.8 MB)
 E. C. Pavlis et al.Eastern Mediterranean Altimeter Calibration Network – eMACnetpdf (1.2 MB)
D. Volkov et al.Quality assessment of a satellite altimetry data product in the Nordic and Kara seaspdf (6.1 MB)

Instrument Processing

P. Challenor et al.Bayes Linear Retrackingpdf (269 KB)
R. De Carvalho et al.A Non-Parametric Sea State Bias Model Based on SWH and Sigma0pdf (18.32 MB)
S. Dinardo et al.SAR Altimetry in Open and Coastal Sea Water: Performances, Limits, Perspectivespdf (160 KB)
P. Exertier et al.T2L2/J2: how to distribute the datapdf (1.8 MB)
J. Fernandes et al.Global comparison of microwave radiometer, GNSS and ECMWF dervived path delayspdf (16.2 MB)
S. Labroue et al.GLOBAL Data quality assessment of the Cryosat-2 altimetric system over oceanpdf (370 KB)
C. Martin-Puig et al.Analysis of STARLAB's SARM retracker performance on CryoSat-2 datapdf (5.1 MB)
G. Quartly et al.Hyperbolic Pretracker: A means to filter waveform datapdf (5.4 MB)
P. Thibaut et al.New Assessment of the RA-2 instrumental corrections and impact on the mean sea Level Trendpdf (708 KB)
P. Thibaut et al.SAR Data over Ocean, Processing Strategy and Continuity with LRM Datapdf (708 KB)
D. Vandemark et al.

Combining altimetry and wave models to refine and apply measurements of wave slope variance

pdf (1.2 MB)


The Geoid, Mean Sea Surfaces and Mean Dynamic topography

A. Horvath et al.Validation of CryoSat-2 Classical Altimetry Data over Ocean using a GOCE Geoid to compute Absolute Dynamic Topographypdf (464 KB)
S. Mulet et al. How accurate are the recent geoid models based on GOCE and GRACE data for oceanographic applications ?pdf (328 KB)
C. Schwatke et al.Satellite altimetry over inland water: A new tool to detect Geoid errors!pdf (17.7 MB)

Near-Real Time Products and Applications

C. Birkett et al.Near Real Time Monitoring of Global Reservoirs and Lakespdf (2.9 MB)
C. Jayles et al.Another improved DORIS/DIODE software for Jason-2 OGDRpdf (450 KB)
S. Labroue et al.Level-3 PISTACH products for coastal studiespdf (315 KB)
F. Mertz et al.Natural extreme events observed by altimetrypdf (2.3 MB)
M-I. Pujol et al.A Kerguelen regional Sea Level product to support the KEOPS2 experimentpdf (480.7 KB)

Precise Orbit Determination

C. Jayles et al.Recent improvements in Doris/DIODEpdf (1000 KB)
S. A. Melachroinos  et al.Status of Precise Orbit Determination for Jason-2 using GPSpdf (305 KB)
E. C. Pavlis et al.Improvements in SLR Data Modelling and Reduction for PODpdf (1.8 MB)
N. Zelensky et al.Time Variable Gravity modeling for Precise Orbits across the TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1 and Jason-2 Missions pdf (1.9 MB)

Science Results from Satellite Altimetry

S. Arnault et al. Tropical Atlantic Variability from Satellite Altimetrypdf (2.94 MB)
A. Belmadani et al.Wind-induced baroclinic beta-plumes: Application to the Hawaiian Lee Counter-Currentpdf (0.25 MB)
J. Bouffard et al.Langrangian analysis of 3D mesoscale dynamics from altimetry and modellingpdf (142 KB)
P. Cipollini et al.

Technical Achievements, Data and Recommendations from the COASTALT Project

pdf (4.76 MB)
C. Delebecque et al.Applications based on Regional Altimeter Productspdf (3.86 MB)
X. Deng et al.Sea Level change from altimetry and tide gauges in South Eastern Australiapdf (3.8 MB)
G. Dibarboure et al.A Demonstration of the Potential of Cryosat-2 to Contribute to mesoscale Observationpdf (449 KB)
L. Fenoglio-Marc et al.Sea Level Trends Around Indoniesia from altimetry and Tide Gauge Datapdf (10.6 MB)
N. Freychet et al.Improving the use of satellite observations for ocean data assimilation with a reduced rank smootherpdf (3.4 MB)
J. Hanafin et al.

Phenomenal sea states and swell radiation: a comprehensive analysis of the 12-16 February 2011 North Atlantic storms

pdf (1.8 MB)
K. Ichikawa et al. Seasonal variation of the deflection angle of the wind-driven surface flow estimated from altimeters and long-range ocean radars pdf (3.5 MB)
T.Kobayashi et al. Conceptual Study of Satellite System Design for Japanese Future Altimetry Mission pdf (980 KB)
J. Lillibridge et al.A Statistical Analysis of Gulf Stream Variability from 18+ Years of Altimetry Datapdf (9.2 MB)
J. McClean et al.Mesoscale Air-Sea Interaction in a Fine-Resolution Earth System Model : Agulhas Eddiespdf (12.6 MB)
O. Melnichenko et al.Multiple, migrating quasi-zonal jet-like structures in the ocean: descriptive view from satellite data and a global ocean general circulation modelpdf (3.3 MB)
D. Masters et al.Exploring Differences in Altimeter-Based Global Mean Sea Level Time Seriespdf (1.6 MB)
B. Meyssignac et al.Sea Level variations at Tropical Pacific Islands since 1950pdf (1.6 MB)
B. Meyssignac et al.Sea Level variations in the Arctic Ocean since 1950pdf (2.3 MB)
M. Naeije et al.Validation of modeling the Tohoku 2011 tsunami and floodingpdf (2.1 MB)
H. Nakayam et al.Concept of the Japanese future Altimetry Missionpdf (1.1 MB)
A. Pascual et al.Eddies in the Western Mediterraneanpdf (3.2 MB)
A. Pascual et al.High resolution altimeter gridded fields for coastal and regional studies: applications in the Western Mediterraneanpdf (2.1 MB)
A. Pascual et al.Vertical motion estimated from combined ARGO and altimetry observationspdf (3.25 MB)
T. Penduff et al.Intrinsic and forced low-frequency variability in the eddying ocean (observations, simulations and processes)pdf (4.0 MB)
P. Prandi et al.Sea level in the Arctic Ocean from Satellite Altimetrypdf (2.3 MB)
P. Queffeulou et al.Wave height measurements from altimeters: Validation status and applicationspdf (1.3 MB)
R. Savcenko et al.EOT11a - a new tide model from Multi-Mission Altimetrypdf (6.3 MB)
T. Song et al.Deep Ocean Warming assessed from Altimeters, GRACE, in-situ Measurements, and a Non-Boussinesq OGCMpdf (1.2 MB)
R. Tailleux et al.On the Vertical Structure of Oceanic Rossby wavespdf (945 KB)
J. Tournadre et al.Antarctic icebergs distribution 2002-2011pdf (2.4 MB)
N. Tran et al.Monitoring of sea-ice changes from Envisat altimetry records: 2003-2010pdf (2.28 MB)
A. Uematsu et al.SHIOSAI, A Concept of wide-swath altimetry with interferometric SAR for the Japanese future altimetry mission, COMPIRApdf (526.7 KB)
J. Verron et al.On the Inversion of Submesoscale Information from SST and Ocean Color to improve larger Scale Dynamics deduced from Altimetrypdf (566.5 KB)
D. Volkov et al.Large-scale fluctuations of sea level and winds in the southeast Pacific sector of the Southern Oceanpdf (7.2  MB)
M. Wade et al.

A study of the oceanic wave contribution to the Bjerknes feedback in the Atlantic

pdf (268 KB)
E.D. Zaron et al.Multiple views of Internal Tides and Mesoscales from Altimetric SSH, High Density XBTs, and the PIRATA Mooringspdf (1 MB)

Outreach, Education & Altimetric Data Services

S. Fleury et al.CTOH Altimeter Data Service pdf (4.7 MB)
J. Hausman et al.Ocean Surface Topography Relevant Services at PO.DAACpdf (7.4 MB)
B. Lucas et al.The Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox for Oceanographerspdf (4.8 MB)
B. Lucas et al.The GOCE User Toolbox: Geodesy, Oceanography and Solid Earth in One Software Suitepdf (1.5 MB)
M.I. Pujol et al.Towards Regional Productspdf (336.7 KB)
V. Rosmorduc et al.Aviso products & services: what's new? (2011)pdf (550 KB)
V. Rosmorduc et al.Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox: Tools for altimetry trainingpdf (506 KB)
R. Scharroo et al.RADS4: A new interface to precise and fast-delivery altimeter data from GEOSAT to CRYOSATpdf (4.9 MB)
M. Srinivasan et al.Science and Societal benefits of OST Measurements: Communications & Collaborationpdf (8 MB)
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