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SWT 2002 (New Orleans, USA)

Here are some posters made for New Orleans Jason-1 Science Working Team 2002 meeting.

Engineering and IGDR/OSDR assessment

J. Dorandeu et al.Poseidon-1 and Poseidon-2 Noise analysispdf (1.5 Mb)
J. Dorandeu et al.Jason-1 / Topex/Poseidon Cross-calibrationpage 1 (pdf, 1.05 Mb) page 2 (pdf, 660 Kb)
S. Nerem et al.A Continuous Record of Global Mean Sea Level Change from Topex/Poseidon and Jasonpdf (550 Kb)
P. Thibaut et al.The Poseidon-2 Altimeter Onboard Jason-1 : Performance Summarypdf (420 Kb)
P. Thibaut et al.Comparison of the Poseidon-1 and Poseidon-2 Radar Altimeterspdf (817 Kb)
OZ. Zanifé et al.Preliminary comparison of the Topex and Poseidon-2 Radar Altimeterspdf (500 Kb)

In-situ calibration activities

P. Bonnefond et al.Absolute Calibration of Jason-1 and Topex/Poseidon Altimeters in Corsicapdf (2.55 Mb)
P. Bonnefond et al.Radar Altimeter Calibration using a GPS-buoy in Corsicapdf (2.3 Mb)
D. Cotton and P. ChallenorCalibration and Validation of Jason wind wave data based on in situ datapdf (2.4 Mb)
J.M. Lefèvre and H. Le BerreCalibration and Validation of Jason Wind and Wave datapdf (616 Kb)
E. C. Pavlis et al.Recent Developments in the Calibration-Validation Site of Gavdos, Greece (JCET)pdf (736 Kb)
P. Pesec et al.Recent Developments in the Calibration-Validation Site of Gavdos, Greece (IWF)pdf (285 Kb)
C. Watson et al.In-Situ Calibration Activities in Bass Strait, Australiapdf (4.6 Mb)

Media terms validation, iono/tropo/SSB

S. Labroue and P. GasparComparison of Non Parametric Estimates of the Topex-A, Topex-B and Jason-1 Sea State Biaspdf (1.1 Mb)
E. Obligis et al.JMR in-flight calibrationpdf (1.2 Mb)
R. Scharroo et alA Hybrid Method of Direct Estimation Sea State Bias Modelspdf (1.43 Mb)
V. ZlotnickiJason Microwave Radiometer Assessment against DMSP-SSM/I and TRMM-TMIpdf (376 Kb)

Precise Orbit Determination and Geoid

P. Bonnefond et al.Validation Activities for Jason-1 and Topex/Poseidon Precise Orbits pdf (2 Mb)
K. R. Choi et al.Jason-1 orbit improvement by combining GPS with SLR/Dorispdf (3 Mb)
E. Doornbos and R. ScharrooPrecise Orbit Determination using SLR and Doris data for Jason-1 and Envisatpdf (3.1 Mb)
J. C. Ries et al.Jason-1 Precision Orbit Determination: Status and Assessmentpdf (300 Kb)
P. Willis et al.Doris/Jason clock behavior assessment in the South Atlantic Anomaly regionpdf (130 Kb)
N. P. Zelensky et al.Evaluation of Geosat Follow-On Precise Orbit Ephemerispdf (400 Kb)
N. P. Zelensky et al.Jason-1 Precise Orbit Determination (POD) with SLR and Doris Trackingpdf (150 Kb)

Tides and high-frequency aliases

D. Burrage et al.Geostrophic Currents in the Western Coral Sea from Topex and Jason altimetrypdf (1.25 Mb)

Scientific results

S. GilleUpper Ocean Velocity Distriubtions: Comparing Topex with Jason and Interpreting Alitmetry with Windspdf (1.4 Mb)
E. Hackert et al. Multivariate Assimilation of Sea Level, Sea Surface Temperature, and Currents for the Tropical Pacificpdf (1.7 Mb)
R. Kumar et al.EM Bias estimates based on Topex, Buoy and WAM datapdf (6.5 Mb)
T. Lee et al.Interannual Variation of Mixed-layer Heat Balancepdf (1.35 Mb)
S. Nerem et al.An Investigation of Recent Observed Changes in the Earth's Oblatenesspdf (653 Kb)
D. Stammer and C. WunschTemporal changes of eddy transports in the oceanpdf (1.55 Mb)
W. White and J. AnnisCoupling of Extratropical Mesoscale Eddies in the Ocean to Westerly Winds in the Atmospheric Boundary Layerpdf (8.14 Mb)

Outreach and databases

G. Lagerloef et al.OSCAR (Ocean Surface Current Analysis - Real time) A Processing System and Web-Server using Jason IGDR Data to Provide Timely Surface Velocity Fields in the Tropical Pacificpdf (186 Kb)
A. Richardson et al.Oceanography in the Formal and Informal Classroompdf (1.47 Mb)
M. Srinivasan et al.The Satellite Altimetry Yellow Pages; A Guide for Userspdf (771 Kb)
R. SullivantTelling the Science Story on the Web: Spotlight on Ocean Topographypdf (641 Kb)
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