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SWT 2003 (Arles, France)


Here are the presentations shown during Topex/Poseidon -- Jason-1 Science Working Team 2003 meeting plenary sessions.

 Plenary session

Splinter topic overviews

Solicited Pis/CoIs oral presentations

Jason2/OSTM project overview


Here are some posters made for Topex/Poseidon -- Jason-1 Science Working Team 2003 meeting.

Engineering assessment

P. Thibaut et al.New Retracking Algorithm Using a Second Order Waveforms Modelpdf (910 kb)
OZ. Zanifé et al.Comparison of the Ku-band Range Noise Level and the Relative Sea State Bias of the Jason-1, Topex and Poseidon-1 Radar Altimeterspdf (2 Mb)

In-situ calibration

P. Bonnefond et al.Absolute Calibration of Jason-1 and Topex/Poseidon Altimeters in Corsicapdf (7.3 Mb)
L. Fenoglio-MarcCross-calibration of satellite altimetry missions using tide gauge datapdf (3.4 Mb)
B. Haines et al.Cross-calibration of satellite altimetry missions using tide gauge datapdf (6.2 Mb)
G. Jan et al.Absolute & in-situ Calibration of Altimeter sea surface height bias using non dedicated Calval sitespdf (710 kb)
E. Pavlis et al.First results from the Gavdos Calval sitepdf (1.1 Mb)
C. Watson et al.In-Situ Calibration in Bass Strait, Australiapdf (1.3 Mb)

Media terms validation

E.J. Guirey et al.The dependence of altimeter sea-state bias coefficient on the shape of the wave spectrumpdf (492 kb)
S. Labroue et al.Fitting Jason-1 sea state biaspdf (950 kb)
E. Obligis et al.Assessment of the JMR brightness temperatures and productspdf (1.1 Mb)
D. Vandemark et al.Evaluating the sea state bias using wave model datapdf (1.4 Mb)
K. Warnick et al.Properties of Residual EM Bias Errorpdf (510 Mb)
K. Warnick et al.Incidence Angle Dependence of EM Biaspdf (610 Mb)
V. Zlotnicki and S. DesaiJMR monitored against SSM/I, TMI, TMR, and ECMWFpdf (1.3 Mb)

Precise orbit determination and geoid

P. Bonnefond et al.Validation activities for Jason-1 and Topex/Poseidon precise orbitspdf (6.5 Mb)
B. Haines et al.Precise Orbit Determination for Jason-1: GPS and the 1-cm Solutionpdf (3.7 Mb)
G. Kruizinga et al.Overview of the GRACE Science Data Productsjpg (500 kb)
F. Lemoine et al.An Evaluation of Recent Gravity Models wrt. Altimeter Satellite missionspdf (500 kb)
S. Luthcke et al.Achieving and Validating the 1-centimeter Orbit: Jason-1 Precision Orbit Determination Using GPS, SLR, Doris and Altimeter datapdf (560 kb)
Y. Yoon et al.The Effects of Carrier Phase Ambiguity Resolution on Jason-1pdf (2.1 Mb)
N. Zelensky et al.Jason-1 precision orbit determination (POD) evaluation and orbit comparison Precise orbit determination and geoidpdf (375 kb)

Tides and high-frequency aliases

J. Cherniawsky et al.Wind-forced transport anomalies in Bering Strait calculated from Topex/Poseidon altimetry datapng (2.5 Mb)

Geophysical product validation

J. Dorandeu et al.Global Statistical Quality Assessment of Jason-1 data Jason-1 / Topex/Poseidon Cross-Calibrationpart a (pdf, 270 kb), part b (310 kb)
C. Gommenginger et al.Measuring ocean wave period with nadir altimeterspdf (3.9 Mb)
R. Leben and B. PowellAccuracy assessment of Jason and Topex/Poseidon along-track sea surface slopepdf (910 kb)
G. QuartlyTopex and Jason: a second take on rain-flaggingpdf (2.2 Mb)
P. QueffeulouValidation of Jason-1 wind and wave measurementspdf (330 kb)
R. Scharroo and J. LillibridgeCross-calibration and Long-term Monitoring of the Microwave Radiometers of ERS, Topex, GFO, Jason and Envisatpdf (5.9 Mb)

Multi-satellite applications

B. Beckley et al.High Resolution SSH Anomaly Fields from Multiple Mission Altimeter Observationspdf (1.1 Mb)
J. Law and G. MitchumDeep ocean effects on outer continental shelf flow: a descriptive study in the loop current, Florida current and gulf stream systemspdf (330 kb)

New altimeter technologies

O. Germain et al.The Eddy Experiment: Sea-Surface Altimetry with GPS Reflections from low altitude aircraftpdf (1.9 Mb)

Scientific results

O. Andersen et al.Altimetric Mean Sea Surfaces - and inter-annual ocean variabilitypdf (2.4 Mb)
P. Cipollini and P. ChallenorTracking and forecasting single planetary waves in altimetric datasetspdf (5.2 Mb)
S. Elipot and S. GilleComparing drifter and altimeter-derived velocities in the Southern Oceanpdf (1.9 Mb)
I. Fukumori et al.A basin-wide oscillation of the Mediterranean seapdf (1.7 Mb)
R. Glazman Do we really observe internal gravity waves and tides in altimeter data?pdf (320 kb)
L. Gourdeau et al.Estimating mean dynamic topography in the tropical Pacific ocean from altimetry and gravity satellitespdf (136 kb)
R. Gross et al.Testing ocean models with earth rotation measurementspdf (330 kb)
S. Guinehut et al.Comparing and combining Argo data with altimeter datapdf (2.5 Mb)
C. Holland and G. MitchumInterannual heat content variability and lagrangian pathways in the Tropical Pacificpdf (4.4 Mb)
S. Imawaki et al.Surface circulation of the North Pacific derived from combining altimeter and drifter datapdf (7.2 Mb)
N. Kjaer et al.Comparing Topex/Poseidon Altimetry with Tide Gauge Data to Study European Inter-Annual Sea Level Variabilityjpg (1.1 Mb)
P. Knudsen et al.Review of T/P derived scientific results at KMS in Denmark over the last 4 yearspart a (pdf, 2.6 Mb), part b (pdf, 280 kb)
G.  Lagerloef et al.Oceanic and Atmospheric Evidence for abrupt North Pacific Oceanographic Changes After 1998pdf (1.5 Mb)
T. Lee et al.Tropical-subtropical exchange: contrasting mean and variabilitypdf (280 kb)
C. MaesHow well do models with Topex/Poseidon assimilation simulate the salinity variability in the equatorial pacific?pdf (155 kb)
L. Miller and B. DouglasMass and volume contributions to 20th Century global sea level risepdf (3.7 Mb)
R. NeremA Continuous Record of Long-Term Sea Level Change from Topex/Poseidon and Jasonpdf (2.9 Mb)
J. O'Brien et al.A new mapping method for propagating datapdf (815 kb)
B. Powell et al.Secular Trend in Global EKE using Accurately Resolved Mesoscale Currents from Satellite Altimetrypdf (4.7 Mb)
B. Qiu and S. ChenSeasonal Modulations in the Eddy Field of the South Pacific Oceanpdf (2.55 Mb)
G. Quartly et al.Retro-fiction - a reappraisal of the fate of the east Madagascar currentpdf (4.7 Mb)
E. SchramaCombination of Topex, Jason and tide gauge data to reconstruct long periodic changespdf (3.7 Mb)
J. Staneva et al.Global Sea Level in the last Decadepdf (1.8 Mb)
J. Sudre and R. MorrowInfluence of the high-frequency MOG2D corrections on the surface velocity fieldpdf (127 kb)
R. TokmakianEvaluation using Altimetry of an Model forced with Scatterometer Windspdf (11.7 Mb)
L. Vest et al.Synthetic mean dynamic topography models in the north Atlanticpdf (3.6 Mb)
J. Willis et al.Interannual variability in global, upper-ocean heat content, temperature and thermosteric sea-level risepdf (2.7 Mb)

Near-real time applications

M. Benkiran et al.Combined assimilation of real-time altimeter and in situ data in the Mercator systempdf (1.5 Mb)
C. Birkett et al.Near-real time monitoring of global lakes and reservoirspdf (455 kb)
F. Bonjean et al.Ocean Surface Current Analyses Real-time (OSCAR): processing system and applicationspdf (1.7 Mb)
D. Cotton et al.Experience of Applications of Near Real Time Jason wave and wind datapdf (11.7 Mb) or jpg (2.7 Mb)
G. Dibarboure et al.Ssalto/Duacs: Operational high precision quartet in 2004pdf (573 kb)
T. Kuragano et al.Real-time data assimilation with Jason-1 data in JMApdf (630 kb)
D. Matthews et al.Near Real time Surface Current Mapping off California with Radiometry and Altimetrypdf (7.2 Mb)
V. Toumazou et al.The Mercator Ocean real-time service for ocean monitoring and forecastingpdf (610 kb)

Outreach and databases

F. Blanc et al.Lively datapdf (3.6 Mb)
F. Bouillé-Chada et al.Altimetry data: select your choice!pdf (590 kb)
V. Byfield et al.Oceans for Schools web magazine Outreach and databasespdf (3.8 Mb)
V. Byfield et al.Teaching satellite Oceanography with Bilko Softwarepdf (7 Mb)
M. Naeije et al.RADS: steppingstone to an International Altimeter Servicepdf (6.6 Mb)
A. Richardson et al.Discovering the Oceans Book Cover and Become a Junior Oceaonographer Websitepdf (1.1 Mb)
V. Rosmorduc et al.Aviso website: what's in it for you?pdf (4 Mb)
M. Srinivasan et al.Engaging Scientists in Outreachpdf (590 kb)
M. Srinivasan et al.The satellite altimetry yellow pages: an updatepdf (680 kb)
R. StewartThe Jason educational programpdf (17.5 Mb)
T. Strub et al.The SMILE high school program at Oregon state university - developing teaching modules based on oceanography and satellite remote sensingpdf (333 kb)
R. Sullivant and A. BuisTelling the Ocean Science Story on the Webpdf (1.5 Mb)
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