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OSTST 2008 meeting oral presentations

Here are the oral presentations made for the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team 2008 meeting.

Monday 10 November

Program status

E. Lindstrom

Nasa program

F. Parisot et al.EUMETSAT and NOAA Programs including Jason-2 Follow-On topicpdf
E. Thouvenot

Cnes program

J. BenvenisteESA Earth observation program and mission statuspdf

Keynote talks I

H. Bonekamp and J. LillibridgeBenefit of OGDRs products - review of applications


Jason-1 and Jason-2 project and program status

G. Zaouche et al.OSTM/Jason-2 Mission overviewpdf
G. Shirtliffe et al.Jason-1 JPL project statuspdf
G. ZaoucheJason-1 orbit change preparationpdf
Callahan et al.

Topex retracking status and GDR Plan


Splinter sessions presentations

J.P. Berthias  and J. Ries

POD/geoid splinter presentation

P. Bonnefond, B. Haines, S. Desai, S. Nerem and N. PicotCalibration/Validation and data consistencypdf
S. Brown, J. Lambin and P. CallahanInstrument Processing splinter presentationpdf
N. Picot et al.Cal/Val: multi mission data consistency and seamless transition  agendapdf
N. Picot et al.Jason-1/ Jason-2 CalVal phase duration pdf
V. Rosmorduc  and M. SrinivasanOutreach session presentationpdf

Keynote talk II

A. Cazenave et al.Sea level and climate changepdf
T. Strub et al.Coastal altimetry: status and challengespdf
C. Birkett et al. Land hydrologypdf
StudentsOutreach Argonautica project

Monday 10 & Tuesday 11 November

Splinter session: Precise orbit determination and geoid

L. Cerri et al.

Jason-1 GDR-C POD reprocessing: standard selection and current status

L. Cerri et al.

Jason-2 POD: current status

F. Lemoine et al.

Calibration and validation of the precise orbits for OSTM - Extending the climate data record for MSL studies.

D. Laurichesse et al.

GPS zero difference integer ambiguity fixing for Jason.

M. Ablain et al.

Assessment of Jason-2 and Jason-1 orbit quality from SSH analysis.

W. Bertiger et al.

Jason-2 Precision Orbit Determination Status

M. Otten

Jason POD at ESOC

J. Ries

LPOD2005: A Practical Realization of ITRF2005 for SLR-based POD

C. Foerste et al.

EIGEN-5C, the new GFZ/GRGS combined gravity field model.

P. Exertier et al.

T2L2, Time Transfer by Laser Link, experimentation on Jason-2: status

J. Ries et al.

Progress in Marine Geoid Modeling

J.M. Lemoine et al.

Progresses in time-variable gravity modelling, Results from the CNES/GRGS reprocessing

M.H. Rio et al.

Use of oceanographic in-situ measurements and altimetry to assess the accuracy of the latest geoid models

N.P. Zelensky et al.

Sub-centimeter SLR precision with the SLRF2005/LPOD2005 network


Splinter session: Local and global calibration/validation (mostly in situ)

C. Watson et al.

In-situ calibration results from Bass Strait

P. Bonnefond et al.

Absolute calibration of Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and Jason-2 altimeters in Corsica, first results of Jason-1 and Jason-2 formation flight phase

S. Brown et al.

Initial on-orbit performance assessment of the advanced microwave radiometer and performance of JMR GDR-C

B. Haines et al.

The Harvest experiment: Calibration of the 16-yr climate date record from Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and OSTM

S.P. Mertikas et al.

Estimation of the Altimetry Bias for the Jason satellites using Gavdos

A. Pascual et al.

Performing glider missions along altimeter tracks: what can we learn?

E.C. Pavlis et al.

Eastern Mediterranean Altimeter Calibration Network - eMACnet project Status Report


Tuesday 11 November

Splinter session: Local and global calibration/validation (mostly global)

M. Ablain et al.

Jason-2 and Jason-1 SLA performances and consistency

D. Chambers et al.

Global Cross-Calibration of Jason-1 and Jason-2 Sea Surface Height

L. Commien et al.

Performance assessment Jason-1 GDR "C" /GDR "B"

S. Desai et al.

Global Cross Calibration and Validation of the Jason-1 and Jason-2/OSTM Data Products

D. Dettmering et al.

Global Multi-Mission Crossover Calibration First Results for Jason-2

A. Ollivier et al.

Jason-1/2 cross-calibration with Envisat

S. Phillips et al.

Global Statistical Jason-2 assessment and cross-calibration with Jason-1 - Parameter Analysis


Splinter session: Outreach/education

V. Rosmorduc  and M. Srinivasan

2007-2008 Highlights

Collège "La Chênaie"Argonautica projectpdf
M. Srinivasan et al.

Nasa'S OST web site: promoting OSTST research

V. Rosmorduc et al.

New Aviso web site: the more things change, the more they stay the same

A. Richardson

Promoting ocean and climate literacy: 2008-2009 JPL ocean surface topography and public outreach activities

E. Thouvenot et al.

Altimetry training in India


Outreach showcase:

A. Pascual et al.

Envisat IMEDEA exhibition


V. Rosmorduc et al.Les étoiles brillent pour touspdf
G. Goni and University of Virginia

Altimetry Outreach: UVA Semester At Sea

G. Grek

Jason's cartoon


Splinter session: Instrument processing (re-tracking, radiometer retrieval, etc)

S. Brown et al.

Novel Near-Land Radiometer Wet Path Delay Retrieval Algorithm: Application to the Advanced Microwave Radiometer


P. Callahan et al.

Retracking Results - Jason-1, Jason-2, TOPEX


J.D. Desjonquères et al.

POSEIDON3: In-Flight Results


S. Labroue et al.

Comparison of Jason-1 and Jason-2 Sea State Bias


E. Obligis et al.

New generation of wet tropospheric correction algorithms for altimetry missions


W. Smith et al.

Monte Carlo demonstrations of a sea state bias induced during altimeter waveform retracking


P. Thibaut et al.

Jason-2 waveforms, tracking and retracking analysis


J. Tournadre et al.

Cloud and rain effect on Altika/Saral Ka-band radar altimeter: data availability and rain/cloud flag


G. Quartly

Improving Jason-2 Sigma-naught values


Splinter session: Cal/Val: multi mission data consistency and seamless transition for the TOPEX-Jason series of products

G. Jacobs et al.

Phasing Synopsis


G. Dibarboure et al.

Overview of 3 phasing options for a Jason-1 / Jason-2 tandem


G. Jacobs

Phasing Considerations: Physical constraints, Sampling capabilities


S. Nerem et al.

Towards a Seamless Transition to New GDR Products


S. Nerem et al.

Some Thoughts on the Jason-1/2 Tandem Mission and a Climate Data Record of Sea Level Change


J. Dorandeu et al.

Which duration for the Jason-2 / Jason-1 repeat-track phase?


Splinter session: Operational applications, coastal and inland waters, wind/waves and associated Cal/Val studies

S. Abdalla et al.

Jason-2 Wind and Wave Products: Monitoring, Validation and Assimilation


J.F. Crétaux et al.

Lakes surface and level variations from satellite altimetry and remote sensing: towards an international lake data centre.


J. Lillibridge et al.

Jason-2/OSTM OGDR: Data Delivery and Issues


K.S. Madsen et al.

Real time sea level from satellite altimetry in coastal regions


N. Tran et al.

Sea-ice and snow facies classification


L. Yang et al.

Analysis and Retracking Altimeter Coastal Waveform in China and Neighbouring Seas


Yves Ménard, tribute to a colleague and a friend

J. Lambin


P. Escudierpdf
R. Morrowpdf
A. Cazenavepdf
R. Biancalepdf
members of OSTSTtribute on the JPL website

Wednesday 12 November

"Error budgets in altimetry data products"

G. Dibarboure et al.

Overview of 3 phasing options for a Jason-1 / Jason-2 Tandem


J. Lambin et al.

Jason-1 orbit change


S. Nerem et al.

Some Thoughts on the Jason-1/2 Tandem Mission and a Climate Data Record of Sea Level Change


Splinter sessions summaries

P. Cipollini et al.

'Take home messages' from the 2nd Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Pisa, Nov. 2008.


J.P. Berthias and J. RiesPOD and geoid


P. Bonnefond, B. Haines, S. Desai, S. Nerem and N. PicotCalval splinter sessionspdf
M. Srinivasan and V. Rosmorduc Outreach / Educationpdf
J. Lambin, P. Callahan and S. BrownInstrument processing (re-tracking, radiometer retrieval, etc)


C. Birkett, E. Bronner and H. Bonekamp

Operational applications, coastal and inland waters, wind/waves and associated Cal/Val studies


Meeting conclusions

H. Bonekamp and J. LillibridgeReadiness of the OGDR for Public Releasepdf
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