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Ocean and Hydrology applications workshop

Here are some posters made for the Ocean and Hydrology applications 2010 workshop.

Session I - Joint Hydrology Oceanography: Science linkages

 C. Mavrocordatos et al.Sentinel-3 altimeter products for coastal and inland water applicationspdf (374 KB)
D. Yamazaki et al.Prediction of water surface elevation by a global river model: a case study for tidal effect in the Amazon Riverpdf (2.66 MB)

Session II.1 - Hydrology: Satellite based estimates of river discharge

D. Bjerklie et al.Application of satellite based altimetry to estimation of surface waterlevel and dischargepdf (4 MB)
E. Clark et al.Errors in estimating river discharge from remote sensing based on manning's equationpdf (5.3 MB)
S. Daillet et al.Water level in Poyang and Dongting lakes using Envisat and Jason-2 altimeters. Validation against in situ datapdf (1.2 MB)
M. Durand et al.Assessing and Retiring risk in SWOT discharge products; Two methods for characterizing river depth pdf (2.4 MB)
 J. Tournadre et al.Estimation of water covered surfaces by inversion of High resolution waveformspdf (1.7 MB)
M. Wilson et al.Swath Altimetry measurements of the mainstem Amazon river; measurement errors and hydraulic implications pdf (4.1 MB)

Session II.2 - Ocean: Theory and Models of Mesoscale to sub-mesoscale ocean processes

  et al.pdf (1 MB)

Session III.1 - Hydrology: Satellite based estimates of

M . Becker et al.Reconstruction of the interannual terrestrial water storage of the Amazon Basin over the past decades from GRACE, altimetry data and in situ observations pdf (3 MB)
 F. Niño et al.Radar altimetry waveform inversion: topography and water bodiespdf (1.3 MB)

Session III.2 - Ocean: Observing mesoscale & submesoscale processes from Space

R. Dussurget et al.Fine resolution altimetry data for a regional application in the Bay of Biscaypdf (2.1 MB)
D. Garcia-Garcia  et al.Mediterranean water mass fluxes through the Gibraltar and Sicily straitspdf (380 KB)
C. Gommenginger et al.Improved spatial resolution and range retrieval accuracy with SAR altimeters over the ocean and the coastal zone: a numerical studypdf (1.5 MB)
C. HughesColour of the sea level spectrum: when are observed trends statistically significant?pdf (4.6 MB)
K. Ichikawa et al.Sea Surface Height Measurements in the Tsushima Straitpdf (2.85 MB)
I. Pujol et al.Using high resolution altimetry to observe mesoscale and sub-mesoscale signalspdf (400 KB)
I. Pujol et al.Toward high resolution altimeter productspdf (960 KB)
B. Qiu et al.Length Scales of Eddy Generation and Nonlinear Evolution of the Pacific Subtropical Countercurrentspdf (960 KB)
M. Scharffenberg et al.The large-scale geostrophic flow-field and eddy variability as seen from the T/P and Jason-1 tandem missionpdf (6.7 MB)
Y. Xu et al.Global Variability of the Wavenumber Spectrum of Oceanic Mesoscale Turbulencepdf (660 KB)

Session IV.1 - Hydrology: Accuracies of existing classifications and data sets

 N. Bercher et al.Quality and uncertainty of satellite derived river water level time seriespdf (1.9 MB)
P. Berry et al.The Envisat individual echoes - A Glimpse into the future of inland water monitoringpdf (1.7 MB)
P. Berry et al.Global monitoring of inland surface water using multi-mission satellite radar altimetry pdf (1.8 MB)
J. Gomez-Enri et al.Envisat RA-2 satellite altimetry in coastal and inland waters: a comparison of retrackers pdf (1.1 MB)

Session IV.2 - Ocean: What we have learned from in-situ observations

JM. Souza  et al.Localization and vertical structure estimation of an Agulhas Ring based on altimetry and Argo floats datapdf (590 KB)

Session V.1 - Hydrology: Data assimilation in hydrodynamic models

Y. Yoon et al.Estimating River depth from SWOT measurements with local ensemble Kalman filterpdf (510 KB)

Session VI.1 - Ocean: Fronts & Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions at the mesoscale – sub-mesoscale

 K. Kelly et al.What causes anomalies in subtropical mode water volume?pdf (1.6 MB)

Session VI.2 - Hydrology: Science problems being solved because of satellite measurements

  V. Rosmorduc et al.Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox: tools to use altimetry for hydrologypdf (639 KB)

Session VI.3 - Ocean: Statistical & assimilation techniques for the sub-mesoscale

Y. Chao et al.Real-time modeling, data assimilation and forecasting off the California coastpdf (1.4 MB)

Session VII - Joint Hydrology Oceanography: Applications

A. Vidard  et al.Direct assimilation of image sequences pdf (9.49 MB)

Session VIII - Closing Joint Session: Future Satellite missions aimed at High-Resolution Processes

G. Dibarboure et al.Future altimeter constellations: capabilities and advantagespdf (1.4 MB)
P. Dubois et al.Sea surface state modelling for sea state bias evaluating up to ka-bandpdf (1.3 MB)
C. Gommenginger et al.A Roadmap for the Wavemill 2D Ocean Current Mapping system: signal processing and Hardware architecture definitionpdf (2.55 MB)
C. Mavrocordatos et al.GMES Sentinel-3: a mission for operational oceanographypdf (277 KB)
 N. Steunou et al.ALTIKA, a new concept of altimeter for the SARAL mission: description and pre-flight performancespdf (800 KB)
A. Uematsu et al.Future mission study to measure sea surface height and ocean currents in JAXApdf (2.55 MB)
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