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OSTST 2013 Presentations

Here are the oral presentations made for the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team 2013 meeting.

Tuesday, October 8

Precision Orbit Determination (Part I)

Status of GDR orbits for ocean topography missions and prospects for future improvements (Cerri et al.)
Status of the GSFC precise orbit ephemerides for Jason-2, Jason-1 and TOPEX/Poseidon (Lemoine et al.)
Precision Orbit Determination For JASON2 With GPS (Bertiger et al.) 
Towards the 1 mm/y Stability of the Radial Orbit Error at Regional Scales (Couhert et al.)
Impact of recent time variable geopotential models on precise orbits  of altimetry satellites, global and regional mean sea level trends (Rudenko et al.)

Joint CAW/OSTST SARM Splinter (Part I)

A generalized semi-analytical model for delay/Doppler altimetry and its estimation algorithms (Halimi et al.)
CryoSat-2 SAR mode over ocean: one year of data quality assessment (Boy et al.)
Validation of Open-Sea CRYOSAT-2 Data in SAR Mode in the German Bight Area (Dinardo et al.)
Jason-CS Poseidon-4 Ground Prototype Processor (GPP): Processor results using simulated raw data and in orbit CryoSat-2 data (Roca et al.)
Waveform aliasing in satellite radar altimetry (Smith et al.)

Precision Orbit Determination (Part II)

Orbit error due to time variable gravity and impact on mean sea level trend estimates and tide gauge calibration (Zelensky et al.)
Development Status of GPS-Based Precise Orbit Determination System for Japanese Ocean Surface Topography Mission (COMPIRA) (Kyohei et al.)
Assessment of Orbit Quality through the SSH calculation  New insight in resolving long term and inter-annual signal for climate studies (Ollivier et al.)
Empirical Solar Radiation Models for Altimeter Satellites (Mercier et al.)
SARAL/AltiKa Orbit Quality Analysis Through Short-arc Technique (Bonnefond et al.)

Joint CAW/OSTST SARM Splinter (Part II)

Observing Coastal Dynamics with SAR Altimetry (Labroue et al.)
Validation of Coastal CRYOSAT-2 Data in SAR Mode in the German Bight Area (Fenoglio-Marc et al.)
Coastal SAR Altimetry at 80 Hz (Dinardo et al.)
Can We Really Achieve 300-Meter Resolution from A SAR Altimeter? (Smith et al.)
Cryosat-2 SAR-In Altimetry for Coastal Sea Level Recovery - Results from the Fjords of Eastern Greenland (Andersen et al.) 

Wednesday, October 9

Welcoming remarks and program status

NASA/CNES/EUMETSAT/NOAA/ESA program status (all Program Managers)
Program Status of SARAL/AltiKa (Kiran Kumar)

Jason1/2/3/CS Project Status

Jason-1 mission overview (Glenn Shirtliffe / Thierry Guinle)
Jason-2 mission overview (Thierry Guinle)
Jason-3 status (W. Bannoura et al)
Jason-CS news and developments (Richard Francis)

Keynote Talks

Understanding and projecting Sea Level change: an overview of the IPPC 5th Assessment report  (Steve Nerem)
Ocean Observations of climate change: overview of the IPCC 5th Assessment report (Don Chambers)
Jason-1, 11.5 years of accomplishments (Rosemary Morrow)
SARAL/Altika (Jacques Verron)
SWOT mission design for advancing mesoscale oceanography (Lee-Lueng Fu)

Regional & Global Cal/Val (Part I)

Ongoing monitoring of absolute bias from the Australian In-Situ Calibration Sites: Bass Strait and Storm Bay (Watson et al.)
The Long-term Altimeter Calibration Record from the Harvest Platform (Haines et al.)
Corsica: a multi-mission absolute calibration site (Bonnefond et al.)
Latest Results for the absolute calibration of Jason and HY-2 satellites using the Gavdos/Crete permanent calibration facility (Mertikas et al.)
Regional CalVal of Jason-2 and Envisat in Corsica and at Harvest (Cancet et al.)
Analyses of altimetry errors using in-situ measurements: tide gauges and Argo profiles (Prandi et al.)

Science (Part I): Large Scale Oceanography

Large scale Sea Level variation in the Arctic Ocean from Cryosat-2 SAR altimetry (Andersen et al.)
Mapping the ocean's surface circulation from altimetry (Jayne et al.)
Meridional Changes of the South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (Shenfu / Goni et al.)
The Contributions of Ekman Heat Advection to Meridional Heat Transport Anomalies in the Atlantic Ocean (Kelly et al.)
Satellite-based ocean analysis for the MidAtlantic Bight (Zavala-Garay et al.)
Integrated multi-mission Satellite Altimetry data in Climatic Studies-  Detection of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (Bulusu et al.)

Regional & Global Cal/Val (Part II)

Global Jason-1&2 quality assesment: joint CNES & JPL presentation (Philipps & Desai)
Improving the tide gauge validation for the altimeter sea level climate record (Watson et al.)
Global SARAL Data Quality Assessment of IGDR and GDR data (Picot et al.)  
Early look at SARAL/AltiKa data (Scharroo et al.)
Performance and consistency of different satellite altimeter systems assessed by means of global multi-mission crossover analysis (Dettmering et al.)
An End-of-Mission Climate Quality Calibration for the JMR – Inter-satellite Calibration with the SSM/I Fundamental Climate Data Record (Brown et al.)

Outreach, Education & Data Services

The 7th Continent Expedition : International Student Participation in a Voyage to the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” (De Staerke & Richardson)
Outreach in a Changing Budget Climate: More or Less, Doing More with Less (Richardson)
AVISO: online data extraction service for all altimetry users (Briol et al.)  
NOAA Archive and Access Services for Jason-2/3 Products (Zhang / Byrne et al.)
Reformatted SEASAT Data and Improved Tools at PO.DAAC (Hausman) 
Outreach showcases (All) 

Thursday, October 10

Plenary Session III: 

Meso-submesoscale dynamics and their impact on sea level: Overview of recent studies and perspectives (Klein)
Earth's energy imbalance and implications for ocean heat content (Trenberth)

Science (Part II):  Climate Change in the Ocean and Sea Level Rise

Two Decades of Global and Regional Sea Level Observations from the ESA Climate Change Initiative Sea Level Project (Ablain et al.)
The Phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and Sea Level Trends in the North Pacific (Lagerloef  et al.)
Pacific Decadal Oscillation Contribution to Global and Regional Sea Level (Hamlington et al.)
Sea level in ocean reanalyses and tide gauges  -- how similar? (Carton et al.)
Australia's unique Influence on global sea in 2010-2011 (Fasullo et al.)
Observations and Mechanisms of Near-Uniform Sea Level and Ocean Bottom Pressure Fluctuations Spanning the Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas (Fukumori et al.)

Instrument Processing (Part I): Wet troposphere

Bifrequency radiometer for Ka band altimetry mission: issues and way of improving retrieval algorithms (Obligis et al.)
AltiKa Radiometer: first results of in-flight calibration (Frery et al.)  
Comparison of Retrieval Algorithms for the Wet Tropospheric Path Delay (Thao et al.)

Science (Part III):  Mesoscale, Sub-Mesoscale Oceanography

Submesoscale prediction and effects on surface dispersion during the Grand Lagrangian Deployment (GLAD) Experiment (Jacobs et al.)
A 20-year analysis of Alboran sea ocean current from high resolution altimeter data (Tournadre et al.)
Processes Connecting Coastal to Basin-Scale Ocean Circulation: SW Atlantic Ocean (Strub et al.)
Regional Variations in the Influence of Mesoscale Ocean Eddies on Near-surface Chlorophyll (Gaube et al.)
Randomness, symmetry and scaling of mesoscale eddy life cycles (Samelson et al.)
New perspectives for future high-level Ocean Altimetry products (Ubelmann et al.)

Instrument Processing (Part II): Ka-band, Wind Speed and Sea State Bias

AltiKa in-flight performances (Stenou et al.)
First SARAL/AltiKa Results: Overview of the Altimeter Performances (Poisson et al.)
One and Two-Dimensional Wind Speed Models for Ka-band Altimetry (Lillibridge et al.)
Assessing sea state bias correction models for differing frequencies and missions (Vandemark et al.)

Science (Part IV):  Large Scale Oceanography

 Northern North Atlantic sea surface height and ocean heat content variability (Hakkinen et al.)
Estimates of Geostrophic Transport in the Southern Ocean by Combining Satellite Altimetry and Temperature/Salinity Profile Data (Kosempa et al.)
Western Boundary Current Velocity and Transport: Combining Altimetry, XBT, and Argo (Zilberman et al.)
Large-Scale Pacific Ocean Sea Level and Circulation Changes vs. the PDO Forcing (Qiu et al.)
The Annual Cycle of Steric Height and Sea Surface Height in the Equatorial Pacific (Roemmich et al.)

Near Real Time Products and Applications

Introduction and Poster Summary
Towards an Operational Use of HY-2A in SSALT/Duacs: Evaluation of the Altimeter Performances Using NSOAS S-IGDR Data (Picot et al.)
Using Multi-Mission Satellite Altimetry for Estimating Water Level Time Series of Inland Waters – The new Database for Hydrological Time Series of Inland Waters (DAHITI) (Schwatke et al.)
Altimetry impact studies on global ocean analysis and forecasts at Mercator Ocean (Dorandeu)
Real-time Data Assimilative Modeling of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight Shelf (Wilkin et al.)
Improved Representation of Eddies in Regional Realtime Forecasting Systems Using Multi-Scale Data Assimilation of Satellite Altimetry (Li) 
An objective analysis derived water vapour path delay correction for altimetric missions: nrt application to jason-2 and cryosat-2 over the ocean (Stum et al.)
On the impact of Saral/altika wave data in the wave forecasting system of Météo-France (Aouf et al.)

Geoid, Mean Sea Surface

The DTU13 Global marine gravity field – first evaluation (Andersen et al.)
New Marine Gravity from Jason-1 and CryoSat-2 Reveals Tectonics, Seamounts, and Abyssal Fabric (Sandwell et al.)
The DTU13 global mean sea surface from 20 years of satellite altimetry (Andersen et al.)
A 20-year reference period for SSALTO/DUACS products (Pujol et al.)
New global Mean Dynamic Topography from a GOCE geoid model, altimeter measurements and oceanographic in-situ data (Mulet et al.)
Assessing Mean Dynamic Ocean Topography Using State Estimation Constraints (Gille et al.)

Quantifying Errors and Uncertainties in Altimetry Data

Reducing altimetry small-scales errors to access (sub)mesoscale dynamics: dream or reality? (Dufau et al.)
Effect of the processing methodology on satellite altimetry-based global mean sea level rise over the Jason-1 operating period (Henry et al.)
Investigating short wavelength correlated errors on low resolution mode altimetry (Thibaut et al.)
Wavenumber spectrum of estimated uncertainty in Jason-2 sea surface height measurement (Ubelmann et al.)
Accuracy Assessment of Global Ocean Tide Models (Stammer)
Sampling errors in the decomposition of vertical modes from current meter data estimated using an eddy-resolving ocean circulation model with embedded tides (Richman et al.)

Friday, October 11

Splinter meeting summaries & recommendations (presented by session chairs)

Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record (P. Bonnefond et al.)
Precision Orbit Determination (Jason POD Team)
Instrument processing (F. Boy et al.)
Near Real Time Products and Applications 
Outreach, Education & Altimetric data services
The Geoid Mean Sea Surfaces and Mean Dynamic Topography (Y. Faugere et al.)
Quantifying Errors and Uncertainties in Altimetry Data (R. Scharoo et al.)
Science Results from Satellite Altimetry
Coastal Altimetry Workshop (P. Cipollini)

GDR Product discussion & recommendations (Nicolas Picot)

Topex Reprocessing/GDR-C (P. Callahan)
Jason/GDR-D (N. Picot)

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