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OSTST 2009 meeting oral presentations

Here are the oral presentations made for the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team 2009 meeting.

Monday 22 June

Program status

E. LindstromNasa programpdf
E. ThouvenotCnes program statuspdf
F. ParisotEumetsat altimetry programspdf
L. Miller, J. LillibridgeNoaa programpdf
J. BenvenisteESA Earth observation program and mission statuspdf

Keynote talks I

J. Willis al.Early results from the Jason-1/Jason-2 tandem missionpdf (9 MB)

Jason-1/ project

G. ZaoucheOSTM/Jason-2 mission overviewpdf (2.8 MB)
G. ShirtliffeJason-1 project statuspdf (5 MB)

Keynote talks II

J. LambinStatus of other altimetry missionspdf (6.7 MB)

Local calibration/validation

P. Bonnefond, B. Haines, S. NeremSplinter Overviewpdf (5.7 MB)
B. Haines et al.The Harvest experiment: Calibration of the climate data record from Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and OSTM.pdf (3.3 MB)
P. Bonnefond et al.Absolute calibration of Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and Jason-2 altimeters in Corsica. Results of Jason-1&2 formation flight.pdf (6 MB)
C. Watson et al.In-situ calibration at the Bass Strait Site, Australiapdf (2 MB)
R.T. Ioannides et al.Estimation of the altimetry bias for the Jason satellites using Gavdos.pdf (9 MB)
G. Jan et al.OSTM/Jason-2 sea surface height bias estimated by a regional in situ CalVal technique.pdf (2 MB)
W. Han et al.Comparisons of altimeter data, reconstructed sea level and tide gauge data in the Indian Ocean.pdf (5 MB)
M. Ablain et al.Quality assessment of tide gauge and altimeter measurements through SSH comparisons.pdf (500 B)
E. Leuliette et al.In-situ calibration at the Bass Strait Site, Australia.pdf (5 MB)
B. Beckley et al.Assessment of Jason-1 and OSTM global verification phase sea surface height collinear residualspdf (10 MB)

Instrument processing: re-tracking, radiometer retrieval, SSB, etc.

P. Callahan et al.Splinter Overviewpdf
(62 KB)
S. Brown et al.Performance Assessment of the Advanced Microwave Radiometer after 1-year in Orbit pdf
(2.8 MB)
P. Callahan et al.Topex RGDR'09 Analysispdf
(1 MB)
J.D. Desjonqueres POSEIDON3 instrument investigations, corrections and upgradespdf
(1.3 MB)
S. Labroue et al.CalVal Analysis of Latest Release of
TOPEX Retracked Data
(6 MB)
P. Naenna et al.An analytical model of the electromagnetic bias using the physical optics scattering theorypdf
(400 KB)
E. Obligis et al.SLOOP: Potential of new retrieval algorithms for the wet tropospheric correction of the Jason1/Jason2 Radiometerspdf
(3.7 MB)
W. SmithMonte Carlo investigation of differences between MLE3 and MLE4 outpouts from J1 and J2pdf
(120 KB)
P. Thibaut et alJason-2 instrumental and processing statuspdf
(750 KB)
P. Thibaut et al.Singular value decomposition applied on altimeter waveformspdf
(600 KB)
N. Tran et al.Sea state bias on the Jason-1/2 missionspdf
(3.4 MB)

Tuesday 23 June

Precision orbit determination and geoid - GDR-C and future standards, focusing on orbit solutions and parameterization

F. Lemoine et al.Splinter overviewpdf
L. Cerri et al.Status of Jason-1/Jason-2 POEpdf (1.3 MB)
F. Lemoine et al.Calibration and validation of the precise orbits for the OSTM and extending the TOPEX, Jason-1 and Jason-2 time seriespdf (800 KB)
W. Bertiger et al.Jason-2/OSTM Precise orbit determination with GPS and extending the Topex, Jason-1, Jason-2 climate data recordpdf (5 MB)
N. Zelensky et al.POD modeling improvements for OSTM, Jason-1 and Topex/Poseidonpdf (3.3 MB)
C. Flohrer et al.Jason-2 POD results from ESOCpdf (2.7 MB)
Fl. Mercier et al.Jason-2 phase correction mapspdf (800 KB)
F. Lemoine, Z. AltaminiITRF2008 statuspdf (500 KB)
E. Pavlis et al.SLRF2008: The ILRS reference frame for SLR POD contributed to ITRF2008pdf (3 MB)

Near real-time product validation and application

H. Bonekamp et al.Splinter overviewpdf
S. Abdalla et al.Jason-2 OGDR Wind and Wave Products:Monitoring, Validation and Assimilationpdf (500 KB)
S. Desai et al.An Introduction to the GPS-OGDR-SSHA Product for OSTM/Jason-2pdf (2 MB)
G. Dibarboure et al.Using short scale content of OGDR data improve the Near Real Time products of Ssalto/Duacspdf (2 MB)
K. Dohan et al.Assessment of Near Real-Time OSCAR Surface Currentspdf (6 MB)
G. Jacobs et al.Jason-2 OGDR accuracy and precision validation for ocean forecastingpdf (2MB)
C. Jayles et al.Quality of the Doris/Diode orbits for Jason-1, Envisat, Jason-2 and potential improvementspdf (1 MB)
M. Ji et al.Near Real Time SWH Applications at NCEPpdf (5 MB)
R. Scharroo et al.Good, Better, Best: A Comparison of Jason-2 O/I/GDR Productspdf (1 MB)

Global calibration/validation

S. Philipps et al.Global statistical Jason-2 assessment and cross-calibration with Jason-1: parameter analysis and system performancespdf (2.8 MB)
D. Dettmering et al.Global cross calibration of Jason-1/2 GDR-C datapdf (2.9 MB)
R. deCarvalho et al.Global cross calibration and validation of the Jason-1 and Jason-2/OSTM data productspdf (2.8 MB)
A. Ollivier et al.Jason-2 cross-calibration with Jason-1 and Envisatpdf (1.5 MB)
S. Labroue et al.CalVal analysis of latest release of Topex retracked datapdf (6.4 MB)


M. Srinivasan et al.Splinter overviewpdf
D. De Staerke et al.Waste on the ocean, adopt a buoy to study plastic islandpdf (5 MB)
D. De Staerke, A. RichardsonJason-2 contest, concours "Un Canard sur l'Océan"pdf (2 MB)
R. Leben et al.Outreach Using Web Map Servicepdf (26 MB)
R. Morrow et al.CTOH altimeter data service : Data and productspdf (3 MB)
V. Rosmorduc et al.Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox (BRAT), Tools for all altimetry userspdf (4.6 MB)
M. Srinivasan et al.Promoting OSTST science, research and societal benefitspdf (2 MB)
R. Sullivant et al.Reaching the public through the media: In with the new, but not out in the oldpdf (2.3 MB)
R. Scharroo et al.Plotting Altimeter Data:GMT and Google Earthpdf (1 MB)

Outreach showcase:

J. MerleL'océan gouverne-t-il le climat ? book by Jacques Merle.pdf
A. RichardsonThe Dynamic Pacific - Lenticular Cardpdf
A. RichardsonVoyage on the high seas: using a Nasa Board game to reinforce ocean literacy principlespdf (1.3 MB)
V. RosmorducGoogle Earth browse through altimetry applications on Aviso webpdf

Keynotes talks III

G. LagerloefLinking ocean circulation, the water cycle and climate: New science opportunities with salinity satellite missions.pdf (8.5 MB)
M.H. RioAbsolute ocean circulation from altimetry: current status and prospects for the upcoming Goce era.pdf (10 MB)

Precision orbit determination and geoid - focusing on ITRF, geoid and Mean Sea Surface

A. Ollivier et al.Assessment of Jason-2 orbit quality using SSH cross-calibration with Jason-1 and Envisatpdf (3.8 MB)
C. Jayles et al.Quality of the Doris/Diode orbits for Jason-1, Envisat, Jason-2... and potential improvements pdf (1 MB)
L. Cerri et al.Impact of long-term gravity field variations on Jason-1 and Jason-2 GDR orbitspdf(700 KB)
R. Biancale et al.What kind of gravity model for satellite altimetrypdf (1.6 MB)

Coastal and inland altimetry

F. Mercier et al.Splinter overviewpdf


M.Cancet et al.CTOH regional altimetry products: example of scientific applicationspdf (3.8 MB)
T. Haack et al.High-Resolution Model Fields of Wet-Troposphere Path Delay in Coastal Regionspdf (3.8 MB)


A. Pascual et al.Synergy between glider and coastal altimetry: Case study in the Balearic Seapdf (1.5 MB)
G. Quartly et al.Singular reflections on the Golfo della Botte pdf (1.7 MB)
F. Mercier et al.The PISTACH project for Hydrology: project status, products and early resultspdf (3 MB)
S. Calmant et al.Validation of Jason-2 over the Amazon basin riverspdf (2.2 MB)


J.D. Desjonqueres et al.POSEIDON Diode/DEM coupling modepdf (1 MB)

Wednesday 24 June

Keynote talk IV

S. Nerem et al.Sea level change: past, present and futurepdf (34 MB)
C. Wunsch et al.Sampling and systematic errors in the global sea level changepdf (5 MB)

Plenary sessions

Sea level error budgets; current status, needs and future improvements

R. Ponte et al.Overviewpdf (700 KB)
J. Dorandeu et al.Introduction/Overview: from a global system error budget to application-specific error budgetspdf (3 MB)
M. Ablain et al.Estimation of the global and regional mean sea level trends from Jason-1&2 and T/P datapdf (3 MB)
G. Mitchum et al.Global sea level rise uncertainty due to land motion and reference frame issuespdf (45 KB)
D. Chambers et al.A Proposal for Tighter Stability Requirements on the Wet Path Delay Correction for Jason-3pdf (2.4 MB)
S. Brown et al.On the Long Term Stability of the Radiometer Wet Tropospheric Path Delay Retrieval: Past, Present and a Proposal for the Future on Jason-3pdf (6.6 MB)
R. Ray et al.Tide Correction Errorspdf (1.1 MB)
F. Lyard et al.Precise error budget for the altimeter-derived tidal constants (in shelf and coastal seas) pdf (16 MB)
D. Vandemark et al.Present uncertainties and future refinement of the sea state bias correctionpdf (8.5 MB)
A. Kaplan et al.Error in gridded sea surface height products pdf (7 MB)

GDR Assessment and recommandations

Cnes, Nasa, Noaa & EumetsatGDR status pdf (2.3 MB)

Splinter meeting summaries

F. Lemoine et al.POD and geoid pdf (1.2 MB)
S. Brown et al.Instrument processing pdf (3.7 MB)
H. Bonekamp et al.Near-Real time processing pdf (3.8 MB)
P. Bonnefond et al.Local Calibration/Validation pdf (4.6 MB)
F. Mercier et al.Coastal and inland altimetry pdf (3 MB)
V. Rosmorduc et al.Outreach pdf (17 MB)
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