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OSTST 2013 Posters

Here are some posters made for the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team 2013 meeting

Instrument Processing

C. Buchhaupt et al.Retracking and validation of pulse-limited and SAR altimetry in costal zone pdf (2.46 MB)
P. S. Callahan et al.Progress in retracking TOPEX data for the climate data recordpdf (422 MB)
S. Dinardo et al.Coastal and Inland water SAR altimetry at 80 Hzpdf (1.87 MB)
T. Moreau et al.Investigation of swell impact on SAR-mode measurementspdf (672 KB)
 M. Passaro et al.ALES, the multi-mission adaptive leading edge sub-waveform retracker, design and validationpdf (2.75 MB)
S. Thao et al.New characterization of radiometer wet troposphere correction errors tanks to the ERA-interim reanalysis and AMSR productspdf (984 KB)
G. Valladeau et al.SARAL/AltiKa altimeter data over open ocean, coastal zones and inland waters: the PEACHI projectpdf (222 KM)

Near Real Time Products and Applications and Multi-Mission, Multi-Sensor Observations

L. Aouf et al.The assimilation of CFOSAT synthetic wave data in the wave model MFWAMpdf (1.95 MB)
P. Gorringe et al.GMES-PURE: Shaping the marine GMES/COPERNICUS user requirementspdf (604 KB)
L. Carrère et al.Improving the Dynamic Atmospheric Correction for operationnal altimetry (NRT and RT)pdf (287 KB)
P. Cipollini et al.Comparison and validation of mult-mission coastal altimetry around Venicepdf (1.75 MB)
S. D. Desai et al.High-accuracy sea surface height data in Near-Real-Time from the SARAL and Jason-2 missionspdf (7.17 MB)
Y. Faugère et al.SSALTO/DUCAS: The Jason1 / Altika unexoected handover pdf (2.66 MB)
P. Harwood et al.The contribution of altimetry to storm surge modelling in the eSurge projectpdf (3.84 MB)
M. Saraceno et al.Southwestern Atlantic currents from in-situ and satellite altimetry datapdf (538 KB)
C. Troupin et al.Interpolation of SLA using Diva: Near-real teme application during a multi-sensor experiment in the Ibiza Channelpdf (5.35 MB)

Outreach, Education and Altimetric Data Services

F. Briol et al.Aviso Online Data Extraction Service: a new way of disseminating altimetry datapdf (1.7 MB)
S. Fleury et al.CTOH: L1 to L4 altimetry products pdf (6.72 MB)
F. Mertz et al.Aviso products & services: what's new ? (2013) - future developments (2014)pdf (2.45 MB)
V. Rosmorduc et al.Argonautica: behind the scenes (que se passe-t-il derrière l'écran ?)pdf (2.2 MB)
V. Rosmorduc et al.Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox: Tools for Saral altimetry data userspdf (4.87 MB)
V. Rosmorduc et al.LearnEO ! Learn Earth Observation with ESApdf (6.35 MB)
C. Schwatke et al.OpenADB: An Open Altimeter Database providing high-­‐quality altimeter data and productspdf (2MB)
M. Srinivasan et al.Enhancing science and promoting proctical applications of high-resolution altimetry measurementspdf (5.67 MB)

Precision Orbit Determination

K. Akiyama et al.Development Status of GPS-Based precise orbit detemination system for Japanese Ocean Surface Topography Mission (COMPIRA)pdf (972 KB)
N. P. Zelensky et al.Orbit error due to time variable gravity and impact on mean sea level trend estimates and tide gauge calibrationpdf (538 KB)

Quantifying Errors and Uncertainties in Altimetry Data

M. Ablain et al.Why altimetry errors at climate scales are larger in the first decade (1993-2002) ?pdf (731 KB)
L. Carrere et al.Comparisons to in situ data and estimation of errors in the Dynamic Atmospheric correctionpdf (255 KB)
C. Delebecque et al.Using CTOH tidal constants for coastal studies pdf (6.50 MB)
C. Dufau et al.Reducing altimetry small-scales errors to access (sub) mesoscale dynamicpdf (652 KB)
E. S. Garcia et al.Retracking Jason-1 altimeter waveforms for marine gravity recoverypdf (MB)
D. Masters et al.Bumps and Wiggles: making sense of sea level climate record variability pdf (380 KB)
M. G. Scharffenberg et al.Asymmetries between along- and across- track velocity wevenumber spectra from tandem-mission altimetrypdf (2.05 MB)

Regional and Global CAL/VAL for Assembling a Climate Data Record

J.J. Benjamin et al.The 2013 Ibiza calibration campaign of Jason2 and Saral altimeterspdf (197 KB)
B. Beckley et al.Impact of revised time variable realizations on geocentric sea level estimates derived from the TOPEX/Poseidon/Jason Climate Data Recordpdf (8 MB)
S. D. Desai et al.Global calibration and validation of the Jason-2 and SARAL geophysical data recordspdf (3.4 MB)
L. Fenoglio et al.Validation of altimeter data in the German Bightpdf (2.3 MB)
V. Koch et al.Global Quality Assessment of updated Geosat Datasetpdf (396 KB)
P. Matton et al.Significant Wave Height evolution towards a climate dedicated multimission productpdf (2.8 MB)
S. P. Mertikas et al.preparatory steps for a permanent infrastructure in West Crete to calibrate Sentinel-3, Cryosat-2 and Jason missions with a prototype microwave transponderpdf (375 KB)
A. Michel et al.Land Ice Cal/Val: importance of ice sheets monitoringpdf (2.45 MB)
M. C. Naeije et al.Altimetry CAL/VAL: a closer look at Cryosat-2pdf (2.5 MB)
A. Ollivier et al.Cryosat LRM performances over oceanpdf (4 MB)
A. Ollivier et alEnvisat ocean altimetry performance assessment - End of life and overview of a successful missionpdf (1.76 MB)
S. Philipps et al.Jason-1 and Jason-2 altimeter validation activities over ocean i the framework of the SALP projectpdf (809 KB)
M.-I. Pujol et al.SSLATO/DUACS : the reprocessing of the 20 years of data is on going pdf (334 KB)
H. Roinard et al. Comparison of MLE3 and MLE4 retracking performances using Jason-2 GDR dataset: impact on sea Surface Height estimationpdf (2.95 MB)

The Geoid, Mean Sea Surfaces and Mean Dynamic Topography

liste W. Bosch et al.Instantaneous profiles of Dynamic Ocean Topography (iDOT-profiles) - updated with GOCO03Spdf (2.1 MB)
P. Knudsen et al.A global mean ocean circulation estimation using GOCE - DTU12MDT pdf (307 KB)


F. Baup et al.Combined use of high resolution satellite images and altimetry to estimate volume of small lakes pdf (1.21 MB)
S. Birkett et al.Application of multiple RA data sets to serve inland water projects: (A) Water accounting across the Balonne floodplain, Australia pdf (1.56 MB)
O. Isoguchi et al.Generation of COMPIRA simulated datapdf (6.7 MB)

Science Results from Satellite Altimetry

O. Andersen et al.Cryosat-2 SAR altimetry for recovering Sea Surface height around and in Denmark - First results from the LOTUS Projectpdf (2 MB)
S. Biri et al.SSH and velocity frequency and wavenumber spectra in the Atlantic Ocean, estimated from altimetry and a hierarchy of numerical simulations pdf (1.7 MB)
P.A. Bouttier et al.The control fo non-linear mesoscale ocean circulation through altimetric data assimilation revisited using a variational approach pdf (5.5 MB)
G. Candille et al.Towards an ensemble stragtegy for altimetric data assimilation into eddy-resolving ocean circulation models pdf (3 MB)
L. Carrère et al.FES 2012, a new tidal model - validation results and perspectives of improvementspdf (435 KB)
R. Castelao et al.Mesoscale eddies in the South Atlantic Bightpdf (239 KB)
B. D. Dushaw et al.Tidal currents of global tidal models tested using estimates from ocean acoustic tomographypdf (606 KB)
B. D. Dushaw et al.Toward global predictions of the mode-1 internal tide pdf (7 MB)
T. Farrar et al.Aspects of wave radiation in the world oceanspdf (5.11 MB)
L. Gaultier et al.On the joint use of high resolution tracer images and altimetric data for the control of ocean circulationspdf (5.9 MB)
S. Gille et al.Evaluating wavenumber spectra in Drake passage with ADCP and altimeter measurementspdf (1.10 MB)
L. Gourdeau et al.Meso-scale activity in the Solomon Seapdf (721 KB)
K. Ichikawa  et al.Ageostrophic components in the coastal sea surface height obtained from the GPS on a ferryboatpdf (1.95 MB)
T. Kuragano et al.Regional Ocean Mass Contribution to Sea Surface Height variations with seasonal timescalepdf (2.20 MB)
F. W. Landerer et al.The anatomy of the large sea level fluctuations in the Mediterranean sea in 2010 & 2011pdf (3.2 MB)
F. W. Landerer et al.Evaluation of CMIP5 dynamic sea surface height multi-model simulations against AVISO satellite observationspdf (5.7 MB)
G. Larnicol et al.The ESA climate change initiative sea level project: validation phasepdf (3.57 MB)
C. Lazaro et al.Synergistic use of remote sensing data for the study of the Azores ans St. Helena current systemspdf (5.17 MB)
W. Llovel et al.Quantifying the respective contribution of wind stress and diabatic forcing to decadal temperature changes and regional sea level trends over 1993-2010 based on ECCO solutionspdf (3.64 MB)
N. Maximenko et al. Lagrangian connectivity of near-surface ocean studied with in situ and satellite observationspdf (7.5 MB)
O. Melnichenko et al.Multiple, migrating quasi-zonal jets in the eastern North Pacificpdf (1.9 MB)
A. M. Maharaj et al.How sensitive is generalised linear rossby wave theory to uncertainties in the determination of the background mean flow ?pdf (302 KB)
B. Meyssignac et al.Global and regional past sea level from an ensemble of 2D reconstructionpdf (1.5 MB)
F. Nencioli et al.SeaGoLSWOT: an oceanographic campaign in support of the AirSWOT mission in the Northwestern Mediterraneanpdf (13.3 MB)
F. Nino et al.Coastal altimetry with the Ka bandpdf (1.8 MB)
A. Pascual et al.Multi-sensor observations towards coastal and mesoscale characterization: SARAL/AltiKa, HF radar, glider and drifterspdf (11 MB)
C. Pegliasco et al.Vertical structure of mesoscale eddies in the four Eastern boundary upwelling systemspdf (2.34 MB)
P. Prandi et al.Exploring the behaviour of a ka-band altiemter over the Arctic Oceanpdf (1.13 MB)
M. Rogé et al.Altimetric Lagrangian advection to reconstruct fine scale tracer fields in the pacific oceanpdf (1.22 MB)
M. G. Scharffenberg et al.A probabilistic description of the mesoscale eddy field of the oceanpdf (13.27 MB)
G. Sérazin et al.Low-frequency intrinsic variability of sea surface height in the global turbulent ocean: spatio-temporal scales

pdf (4.73 MB)

M. Strassburg et al.A comparative study of sea level reconstruction techniques using the 20-year satellite recordpdf (622 KM)
P. R. Thompson et al.Wind-driven coastal sea level variability in the Northeast Pacificpdf (465 KB)
F. Vivier et al.Variability of the ACC transport across the kerguelen plateau monitored from 20 years of altimeter datapdf (493 KB)
D. Volkov et al.Non-seasonal fluctuations of the Arctic Ocean mass observed by GRACEpdf (6.95 MB)
E. D. Zaron et al.Can Geoditic-Mission altimetry be used to improve maps of the internal tide ?pdf (905 KB)
Z. Zhao et al.Global internal tides from multi-satellite altimetrypdf (4 MB)
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